Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

You may have heard that last week, 11 gay bars in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle received death threats. Specifically, anonymous letters were sent to each bar, promising that the following week, five patrons in each bar would be murdered with ricin, the same substance used by a cult to kill people on a Tokyo subway a few years back. The Stranger also received a letter, advising them to prepare to announce the deaths of 55 innocent people.

In response to such a ridiculously hateful threat, a pub crawl in support of the 11 bars was organized for last night. I instantly wanted to go, and happily, mountain_child and llellewyn agreed to come along.

llellewyn picked us up and we started our crawl at Purr ("A Cocktail Lounge"), a trendy but comfortable gay bar that reminded us somewhat of the inside of a Starbucks. I got a Long Island Iced Tea, mountain_child got a Kahlua and Cream, and llellewyn got something fruity and sweet that the bartender invented on the spot. We sipped our drinks on comfy couches and benches and enjoyed ourselves. I asked after an old friend of mine that I had heard worked there, but he'd apparently moved on.

The second bar we visited was a lesbian bar called The Wild Rose, which was standing room only. This bar, unlike Purr, had a $5 cover charge. However, patrons coming for the pub crawl weren't asked to pay, which was awfully nice of them, I thought. We dipped in long enough for me to get a Kahlua and Cream, water for mountain_child, and a Shirley Temple for llellewyn, then moved on.

We had to backtrack a bit to get to our third and last bar of the night, and we noticed partway through that we were going by a very nice leather shop that was open late, so we ducked in for a bit. llellewyn and I admired the corsets and fishnets and various toys, and I badgered mountain_child into trying on some leather pants. One pair in particular was utterly delicious on him...soft synthetic leather with buckles all down the side of each leg. It was hot to death. Wait, I cannot emphasize this enough.


I got a leather belt I really liked (I needed a wider one), and mountain_child promised to consider the pants.

The last bar we visited (Cuff) was, appropriately, a leather bar, and they also waived our cover charge. This was definitely the darkest and least glamorous of the three, but that fit the theme well. It had a separate dancing area and courtyard attached, which we visited while sipping water and Shirley Temples (yes, I ordered a Shirley Temple in a leather bar). We also visited a tiny leather shop inside the establishment, which featured solid silver bands that I thought were chokers, but were actually arm cuffs (I have a very thin neck, and these guys had very big biceps). They also had packages of snakebite kits by the door. "They're for your nipples" the guys helpfully advised.

We made our way home after that, and the bouncer at the back door called Tyler "honey." All in all, we had a great time.

And I hope the FBI catches that guy.

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