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I am doing okay. Not much to talk about at the moment. I wake up at 7:45 every day with Pan purring in my face and pawing at my eyes, and if I don't get up, the yowling begins. Feed the cat. Maybe go back to bed if cat will let me. Spend day doing various things, with include but are not limited to: helping Dad cut, sand, paint, and erect replacement fence posts and panels at the rental house (now finished), swimming, working out on the ellipticals at the YMCA (up to 5 miles now) in an effort to shed a few pounds, teaching myself new crochet stitches, messing around on Facebook, hanging with friends, and helping Mom clean out various parts of the house. Then I stay up late on the computer or reading, and do it over again.

Tyler and I went to REI yesterday. I got a new hat to replace the one I left on the Boise bus, and a pair of sweet trekking poles. I look like an idiot walking around the neighborhood with them, but they really make my knees feel better.

The job search continues, as Tyler and I have officially lost our jobs at Taylor, which was a huge disappointment but not a major surprise. I have a little funding to do a few months of temp work there, but that's all...but at least that will pay for me to fly back in and get my stuff and finish some of the things I started. I registered for unemployment this week and feel like a sponge.

I've had three job leads so far.
1. Tyler and I met with someone who works at a local branch of a major environmental consulting firm. He was a friend of a friend and he gave us some great advice about how the industry works and what they expect. It was mostly info-gathering, but still really helpful. We gave him our resumes, just in case.

2. This person just called last week and told us about an interesting possibility. The company is bidding on a contract for two people to do marine mammal monitoring on Santa Rosa, one of the Channel Islands off the California coast (50 miles north of the Island of the Blue Dolphins, if you've read that book). We'd be watching for sea lions and seals while a construction company replaces a dock. Only for 6 months, but it would be cool work and it would give us a foot in the door with that company. So, we offically expressed interest in the position in the event the company wins the bid. Nothing definite yet.

3. I applied for a tech aide/project manager position with another environmental consulting company a few days ago, and just YESTERDAY, out of the blue, I get a call from a person wanting to set up a phone interview with me. It was a good time right then, so I did an on-the-spot interview. I've noticed a lot over the past year or so that the best part of being depressed is I've developed a lot of candor with people, so in situations where I would normally feel very nervous and jittery, I feel very relaxed and in control. The inverviewer seemed to appreciate my readiness and complimented me on my eloquence (major squee), and told me I'd made the first cut. So, now they'll review the resumes and I'll get a call this week letting me know if I get an in-person interview or not.

So, that's all for now. More of the same later.

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