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Now is the time ven ve haf ze rhinovirus.


I'm been having some crochet fun lately. I first learned to crochet in 3rd grade or so, from the Great-Aunt of a friend in my Camp Fire Group. I made a little purse and got a patch for it. Anyway, it's been great fun. I got the Stitch and Bitch The Happy Hooker book a while back and I've been working my way through each of the sample stitches, making test swatches one by one.

My next project is this, a lovely jacket-thing that, I must confess, is largely inspired by my admiration for an ankle-length crocheted jacket over a dress that Kira wore several times on DS9. Also, never do a Google search for "Kira Dress," unless you're looking for slash ("Kira's dress slipped from her legs, exposing her fully...").

Anyway, I'm having fun. I've enjoyed doing little finicky projects with my hands. I crocheted a small scarf today with my new hook (small, steel) and a hank of scratchy-but-gorgeous rainbow yarn on clearance from Weaving Works. Now I'm moving on to the real deal of the jacket, with a few rolls of deep red-brown merino wool yarn. Yum.

Things I am also doing right now:
1. Drinking a mojito on strict orders.
2. Petting the cat.
3. Watching Bridget Jones' Diary
4. Waiting for Jason to get home from Bread Class so I can sample his assignments.
5. Blowing my nose in grandiose fashion and trying to stay alive.

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