Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Angst angst angst

I have two job prospects right now:

Job 1
1. Employs both Tyler and I
2. We basically get to work on a desert island and watch marine mammals, with all the fun that implies.
3. Good pay, compensation for food, short work day.
4. Possible good "in" with the company to get permanent work.
1. Only lasts 8 months.
2. We have to move, again. We'd have to to to Taylor and get our stuff, then drive to S. California and live in workers' housing, which is kinda getting us down.
3. No Pan-cat. He'd have to stay with my family for 8 months.

Job 2
1. Lasts, minimum, 2 years
2. Great salary, more than we'd make together at Job 1.
3. Again, a good "in" with the company to later get longer-term work, or something that is more relevant to my background.
4. We could probably lose the storage unit and start looking for a house, and actually have a permanent home base for the first time since either of us started college in 2000.
1. Very basic office work that is kinda below my skill set, but also likely to be hurried and stressful.
2. Work is not terribly relevant to my expertise (I would be working on an engineering team, not the environmental/ecology team)
3. Have to commute downtown daily.

Job 1 is currently in the bidding process. If the company wins the bid, we are likely to get the job. And we would find out around March...9th? Maybe? Job starts April 1.

Job 2 just called me in for a second interview on Tuesday (which really leaves me no room for error with my research here in Moscow). They are looking to replace someone that left and if I get hired, would want me to start immediately.

Dilemma: Job 1 is more fun and fulfilling in short-term. Job 2 is more stable and helpful in long-term. If I get offered both jobs, I'm not sure how I'll choose. And if I get offered Job 2 without knowing if we'll be offered Job 1, I have no idea what I'll do.

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