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So, I got a phone call yesterday morning, and I didn't get the Seattle job (Job 2). My interview with them last week went really well and I think they liked me a lot, but I think there was just someone else who was better suited for it. The job would be working on the pontoon team, not the environmental team, and I'd be helping the half of the pontoon team that was doing the engineering work, not the environmental work, so they probably picked someone who has a little more engineering experience.

I'm actually mostly okay with it. I had some reservations about the job anyway, and this way I don't have an agony of decision-making to do, since I never really did figure out what I wanted. I'm disappointed that a door closed, but it's okay.

The thing I feel really GOOD about is that I made it to the third (and final) interview, which was a pool of six applicants.

The original pool was THREE HUNDRED.

So, percentage-wise, I did GREAT.

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