Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Congress Passes Iraq War Resolution.

It's politics like this that make me want to withdraw my citizenship from this country, if it did not mean that I would then longer have what little voting power I possess to try and stop power-hungry insanity such as this.

I feel physically nauseous that my homeland is now deciding to try and despose the government of another country with the clear opposition of the United Nations, force them to dismantle the same weapons we possess, subject them to weapons checks (weapons WE gave them) that we ourselves do not submit to, and attempt to occupy a nation that is not our own, out of hunger for power, and for fear.

We have in our minds that we live in an ideal country, and we are now going to try and impose that ideal on another country that wants nothing to do with us. It is a brainless, prideful attempt at democracy by force. It destroys me that we love to preach to our children about how wonderful peace is, and act so holier-than-thou to other conflicting nations, but have not the slightest qualms about starting a war when it served our own selfish interests. We are no better than Nazi Germany.

Innocent people are going to die for this. The lives that were lost on September 11th pale in comparisons to the people that have died due to our sanctions in the Middle East (over a million). We bombed 8 out of 9 water purification facilites in that area, and children in those countries are now dying from bad water and disease. What happened on September 11th was inexcusable. But it was instigated by terrorists, not by the Iraqi nation. We are giving Saddam Hussein, a secular politial leader, the opportunity to appeal to neighboring nations under the flag of jihad, and will be facing a holy war that will take the lives of many of our citizens, to say nothing of those in the Middle East. My friend Aaron is in the Army, and goes to school with me. He fully expects to be mobilized soon and sent to Turkey. If that happens, he will have a maximum of 48 hours notice. He will say goodbye to his girlfriend, my friend Cassie, and will probably not even be able to see his family before he is sent overseas to destroy someone's home. He may not come back.

Thank you to Patty Murray, Jay Inslee, Jim McDermott, Rick Larsen, and Brian Baird, who had the courage, compassion, foresight, and intelligence to vote against this initiave in Washington D.C. Thank you for not going along with the tide of political propaganda, misplaced patriotism, and fearmongering. You have my vote in 2002 and 2004, assuming I still live here.

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