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I mentioned earlier that I've been having unusually creative and vivid dreams for the past month or so, especially noticeable because I remember them after I wake up (semi-unusual for me). I think this may be a medication side-effect, but I don't know. I'm WAY more sympathetic to people who have taken the semi-hallucinogenic malaria drugs. Here's a sample of my night-insanity. You be the judge.

*Dad and brother die in catastrophic car accident a block from my house
*I am watersliding through Russia. Like, all of Russia.*
*It's an incredibly rainy day in LFP, everything is flooded, Mom and I go to an old funeral home and then end up buying bread at some flea market
*I'm in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, which looks a lot like Aurora Village. I eat lunch in the courtyard where the ceremony starts and then check out a huge warehouse of masks.
*I dream that I go into the future 6 months and my dad is dead. I wake up, upset, go back to sleep, and dream that I'm planning the funeral, and there's a minister there who's a complete asshat to me (this was last night).
*It's winter, and every cabin at Taylor now has its own airstrip, for safety. It looks like the arctic tundra, and Tyler and I are staying in some concrete junk room with buzzing fluorescent lamps, and a large freezer containing some gross melted-popsicle sculpture left by previous tenants.
*My body is really light for some reason. I'm walking with Tyler in Santa Fe, which looks a lot like Olympic National Park, and I fly up into the air, then crash down on the ground so hard that it knocks my soul out of my body. I can't go back into my body while I'm unconscious, so I go walking around, limping (my soul now has a broken leg), try to find Tyler, take a shortcut through a community college, and end up getting stalked/chased by an ex-boyfriend.
*We've set up a HUGE hydroponics system alongside the Taylor airstrip, which generates electricity for some reason. Holly gives me a pair of slippers shaped like bison.
*Riding in some huge flying machine, crash horribly in Ethiopia.
*Hike down to the Middle Fork (8 miles downstream), which now contained a large city made up of interconnecting box stores (so you never have to go outside). I decide to do some resupplying, realize I was hiking topless and have no shirt, shrug it off, and make it most of the way through a mall before anyone notices. Make do with plastic grocery bag tied across my chest. Gawk at crazy prom dresses for a while, get suckered into buying a weird quilt, and spend my entire
*I'm in London, shopping around (WTF with the shopping dreams?). I go into a dark basement store that's heaped with textiles and furs. I get stuck in the elevator, but the elevator is glass and can fly, so I fly all over town until the repair folks come (Tyler: "you're trapped in a Wonkavator?").

*This was by far the most fun dream ever. Then Tyler said "were you watersliding in vodka?" NO.

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