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The obligatory humongous survey, since I haven't done one since high school.

What's your full name, and is there any reason that you were named that by your parents?
Amie-June Brumble. "Amie" for a friend of my mum's at the bank she used to work for, she liked the alternate spelling and the meaning ("beloved", French). "June" carrying on the tradition of the firstborn daughter carrying, as a middle name, the first name of her maternal grandmother (my mom is Diane Ruth). Brumble is an English or Welsh surname, meaning "one who lives in a sheltered place with brambles growing in it".

When were you born? What was your best birthday? What was your worst one?
May 9, 1982 at Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, Washington. I've had a lot of good birthdays. I think the only bad one was when I was in my young teens, everyone forgot, and I got yelled at a lot for some reason. All the rest were fine. My parents always let me have birthday parties with my friends, who were usually the same from year to year, so no single year ever really stood out.

Your Nationality:
English, Irish, Scandinavian, German, Sailor.

Your Eye Color:

Your Height/Weight:
5'8"-5'9"ish, 118 the last time I weighed myself. 0_0 I lost about 55 pounds since high school (I'm probably 125 now).

Your Shoes:

Skin Colour:
Goldish-tan right now, but it'll lighten up.

Hair Color and Style:
Blonde, long and random

10 of them. Unpolished, a little too long.

What Jewelery do you wear?
Necklaces, silver ring in upper right ear and silver ring in navel. Belled silver ankle bracelets on occasion.

What style of clothing do you wear?
Whatever's comfortable and lets me do whatever I need to do. I am currently fond of my green cargo pants and grey tank top. I can manuver in it, and have many pockets.

Do you have a favourite designer label or clothes shop?
I'm not loyal to any sort of label, but I do like Old Navy because they make the khakis and shirts I like, and Magical Gardaen for the flowy skirts that make me feel good. :)

Do you wear heels?
Only the ones that came with my feet. I do have a single pair of high heels that I haven't worn since Prom. They're nice, but they hurt.

Whats your favourite accessory?

What kind of car do you drive?
The Perpetual Motion Machine, a sand-colored '96 Ford Explorer.

Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Yes. Soft contacts, black wire-rim specs (but not at the same time).

Your future kids' names:
Somebody awesome once told me that he wasn't named until after he was born, just because his parents wanted to wait and see what sort of name seemed to suit him. I think that's cool. I have about 7 girls' names that I really like, but I haven't considered a lot of boys'.

Your best girl friends:
Blue, Dana, Katie Sharkey, Jenna sometimes.

Your best guy friends:
Tyler, Mike, Russ, Will if he's still around.

Your Siblings:

Ice cream:
Tillamook's Brown Cow, Dreamery's Harvest Peach, mint chocolate chip, and any of the awesome locally-made obscure flavors you'll find on the coast, like cranberry or huckleberry harvest.

Whatever serves something good. Old Peking and Mongolian Grill in Moscow are pretty nice, but the variety in Seattle is too big to gauge.

Depends on my mood. Milk, various juices, lemonade. I like to experiment with blenders in hot weather and have invented some cool things, like my lemon cream and my peach frost. I also randomly threw together some iced coffee shake for my mom once, and she keeps bugging me for the recipe (random! random!). I have two peaches in the fridge now, and I need to figure out a way to make a really delicious hot drink out of them. Hmm. Oh, and any and all of Tyler's tea. :)

Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare in Love, Empire Records, The Last Unicorn, Braveheart, Joy Luck Club, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, Seven Years in Tibet, Good Will Hunting.

TV Show:
Star Trek, if I had a TV. And the Simpsons.

Who is your favorite actor?
Anyone that does a good job, I don't know. I'm bad at names.

Would you have a one-night stand with him?
Lord no. I wouldn't have a one-night stand with anybody.

Still no idea. Audrey Hepburn is cool, though.

Favorite Song:
I have ever so many favorite songs. I'm leaving the fast-paced dance music or humor off for now, otherwise it would just get out of control. Top of the list (VERY TOP...I have many other songs I like very much)...probably...R.E.M.'s "Nightswimming," and "Sweetness Follows", Goo Goo Dolls' "Accoustic #3" (and "Sympathy", although it hasn't stood the test of time yet), Elliot Smith's "Angeles" and "Miss Misery", Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You," Orbital's "Halcyon & On & On," Ben Folds Five's "Brick", "Lullabye" and "Evaporated", Billy Joel's "Lullabye", Counting Crows' "A Long December", Dave Matthews's "Satellite", "Let You Down", "Typical Situation", "One Sweet World", "Spoon", "Crash", "Lover Lay Down" and "The Dreaming Tree", David Wilcox's "Mighty Ocean", "How Did You Find Me Here", John Denver's "Annie's Song", James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" and "Her Town Too", Matchbox 20's "Rest Stop", Vertical Horizon's "Grey Sky Morning", Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic", David Grey's "Nightblindness", Train's "Drops of Jupiter" and "Mississippi", Chieftain's "Haste to the Wedding", Simon and Garfunkels' "Scarborough Fair" and "America", Elton John's "Tiny Dancer", Matthew Sweet's "Farther Down", Dog's Eye View's "Umbrella", Staind's "Epiphany", Stina Nordenstern's "Little Star", America's "In the Sea". And let that be a lesson to you to never ask me my favorite song again.


Someone's secrets you've seen
How could I be such a fool like me?
And here I will rest safely
Be forever, with my poison arms around you

Into your heart I'll beat again
I'll be flying over ocean until then
While you were sleeping, I was listening to the radio and wondering what you're dreaming
And so you sailed away

Like night in a forest
I feel you behind me
Long before these crowded streets
Your bright eyes are what the time is, twenty-five past eternity

I just wanted to give you a call
It's a comedy of errors, you see, it's about taking a fall
And it's been so long since I've seen the ocean
I hid my head, and the storm slipped away

And the tall dark man sang to me in deep rich tones
"Go to him, stay with him if you can, but be prepared to bleed"
And like a boat upon the ocean
We sailed into the mystic

It's hard to lead the life you choose
Till something takes my pain away
She's the one that makes my dreams
Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground

Tracing her way through the constellations
Turning back, she just laughs
Between the salt water, and the sea-strand
Narwhals lost at sea, and never seen again

Walk with me, walk with you, hold my hand your hand,
Cause it's always raining in my head
Here I stand, sad and free
Seven oceans pummel the shores of the sea

You could have called to thank me, well, you could have called
She must have wanted you to know the little things
As weeks went by, it showed that she was not fine
Looking on, she sings her songs, the words she knows, the tune she hums

Every streetlight reveals a picture in reverse
'cause the world gets in your way
What did you think when you lost another?
And the moon rose over an open field

That took FOREVER to do.

Why is it your favorite?

Most Embarrassing Moment:
Nothing really stands out in my mind.

Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry?

Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

Or been an accessory to someone else's cheating?
Not to my knowledge.

If so, did you feel guilty?
I would, if I knew.

What do you think about Abortion?
I'm probably the only left-wing liberal that's against it. And why did you capitalize it?

Country music?:
Against. But if other people like it, I won't bomb their country-music-listening clinics.

That is far, far too loaded a question.

Not my thing, but thumbs up to those for whom it is.

What is something you have to have with you all the time:
My wits.

What you look for in your perfect mate?
All the little million things I feel titchy about putting in a survey for everyone to read (nothing bad, just personal).

Are you with someone?

How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had?

What do you notice in the opposite sex?
What do you notice in someone attractive?
Their demeanor, the way they treat the people around them, the way they act with big groups and they way they act when they are alone, their tone of voice, their adaptability, the way they interact with nature, the way they interact with themselves, and the way they act when they think no one's looking. You thought I was going to talk about eye color, didn't you? I SPITE YOU, stupid survey!

What turns you on the most about the opposite sex someone you find attractive?
Anything I find admirable in the answers to all the above qualities. And the ability to name different orders and families of various plants. You only think I'm joking.

When was your last passionate kiss?:
My definition of "passionate" probably differs from yours. September 23, 2002.

Favorite color?
Pacific blue. The shade of blue on snowy tree branches under a full moon. The pale blue of early, early dawn. The halo of blue around a crescent moon. Deep, piccolo blue in hot summer skies. Any color that reflects off troubled water. Indigo, tans, and fern greens on occasion.

Summer footwear:
My feet.

Do you talk to yourself?
I'm doing it right now. ("shut up, voice in my head!")

Do you bite your lip when you're nervous?
No, but sometimes when I'm happy and unable to conceal it.

Hidden talent?
I have wicked hitchhiker's thumb.

Last time you were on a plane, where did you go?
Spokane, from Seattle.

Tyler and I drove to Flagstaff to visit NAU over Spring Break. He drove home and I flew back up to Seattle, then, having no car, had to fly back to school. Mike picked me up in his work's maintenance van, which I saw today by the farmer's market and it made me feel all nostalgic and stuff.

French poodle or french kiss?
I like France.

With whom?
Why does this question automatically assume everyone would say "French Kiss"?

What is your favorite book?
Barbara Kingsolver's "Pigs in Heaven" and "The Poisonwood Bible", Peter S. Beagle's "The Last Unicorn", Rebecca Wells' "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" (which I liked before the movie, which I haven't seen), Antoine de Saint Exupery's "The Little Prince", Orson Scott Card's "Speaker for the Dead", Sherman Alexie's "Reservation Blues", Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha", Madeline L'Engle's "A Swiftly Tilting Planet," Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451", Anita Diamant's "The Red Tent", Gregory Maguire's "Wicked", Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon," Craig Child's "The Secret Knowledge of Water", M.C. Helldorfer's "Phoebe and the River Flute", Donna Jo Napoli's "Albert", Michael Laser's "The Rain", J.R.R. Tolkein's "Return of the King" and "The Silmarillion", and the ten zillion others I forgot.

Do you know all the words to the National Anthem?
Yes, although I no longer sing it.

How many languages can you speak?
One fluently, one partially, and a few bits and pieces of about 15 others.

Do you hate anyone?

Do you like to fish?
I like fish. Alive.

What's up?

What can you not pronounce?
Most things, when I'm giving an oral presentation.

Pizza or squid?
Squid was good, but I can't eat it any more. So pizza, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms, shaken, not stirred.

What's your favorite sense:
Sight, but I think touch is underrated.

Straight, waves, or curls?
Are we talking about hair? My hair does whatever the heck it wants and doesn't even bother to inform me. It's probably clumping as I speak.

Have you ever been out of the country? Where?
Yes. Canada about 10 times, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, and Germany again, in that order. Also, Mexico twice, although neither one counted because one was a trip to Tijuana that I don't remember on account of the fact that I was 2, and the other was a trip to Nogales a little over a year ago, only about 200 yards across the line.

What was the last certificate/award you got for?
Probably my acceptance certificate into Xi Sigma Pi (Nat Resources Honor Society), of which I am Vice President, Secretary, and E-Board rep. We should probably have a meeting or something. I should have gotten my certificate for that van-driving class by now. I should call that guy.

Whipped cream or fudge syrup?
Mmmm. I hate it when people call chocolate syrup "fudge". They are NOT the same.

What do your weirdest socks look like?
Rainbow striped, with toes. I do have a more subdued pair of blue-striped toe socks, and some purple-striped knee socks (toeless).

What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you in your whole life?
"I am SO glad you are who you are."

What's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you in your whole life?
I don't think I remember. I try to ignore that sort of thing.

Are you kind?
I'd like to think so.

What's your favourite way to spend an afternoon off?
Out in the woods or flying on the beach.

If you could have any superpowers, which would they be?
Anybody that knows me well already knows the answer to this question.

If you could give superpowers to someone else, to whom would you give them and which powers would they be?
I'd give Tyler and Blue the same superpower I want for myself. I'd also give Tyler and Mike Jedi powers, because watching them levitate stuff at each other and spill beer on the rug would be a very entertaining way to spend my evenings. Even better if we could get Tim, Tyler's dad, Blue, and Mike/Shrike into the mix. I'd need goggles. And a new apartment.

Pick up a book and write a sentence at random from it.
"In spite of the promise of plenty that dripped from the rooftops and gushed down Gracela Canyon's ravines throughout February, the winter rains would soon dry up. Then there would not be another drop until July. During those brittle months the taste and smell of rain would be lost to us, beyond the recollection even of children and the deepest root tips of trees. That is the way of seasons in a desert place. Only the river ran continuously. The river was Grace's memory of water."
-Barbara Kingsolver, "Animal Dreams"

Can you sing?
Anyone with vocal cords can sing. It's an ability, not a talent.

Have you ever written a song?

Have you ever had a poem published?
Yes. They still send me junk mail.

Your Home:
Front Door Colour: Cream/green in Seattle, wood paneled with pinholes at the Pasture.

Front Garden? Grass with an arbor and a big plum tree in Seattle, pavement and a little lawn at the Pasture.

Back Garden? Grass with lots of trees and shrubs/herbs/flowers/play equipment/pond in Seattle, cement patio, neighbor's driveway and cat, and a little lawn at the Pasture

Decor Colour? Varied in Seattle, green at the Pasture.

Lounge/Living Area: Varied in Seattle, green at the Pasture.

Kitchen: White, green, and wood in Seattle, green at the Pasture (no dishwasher, but with electric can opener that I despise).

Bathroom: Varied in Seattle, ivory and weird at the Pasture, with cool dolphin bathmat and shower curtain.

My bedroom: Currently, in Moscow, with Mandala tapestry on west wall, window with crystals, quotes, Eagle Woman poster, Black Butte photos, Taylor Ranch photos on south wall, door, closet, Tempest poster and Shaman poster, and Mt Rainier poster on north wall, and Star posters, longbow, cedar, dream catcher, and other stuff on east wall. Includes Tyler's desk and my futon. My bedroom in Seattle is too complicated.

What's on your desk?
Tape dispenser, stapler, hole punch, monitor, computer speakers, three ponies, my journal, a golden crane, my sunglasses, a photo frame of Tyler and I in Los Alamos, two pairs of sunglasses (?), a cup full of scissors, pens, and paintbrushes, my phone, a potted plant with stick-figure guys all over it, a spool of black thread and a needle, a crystal I haven't hung up yet, my abalone shell, an addressed envelope to Lissa, index cards, a book, my calling card, rainy mousepad and mouse, my spirit wolf, and dust.

Favourite Things

People I love (everyone has a unique smell...nothing good or bad, but something that characterizes them).

Savoury Food:
Seitan, thai stuff, jasmine rice, tamales, good salsa, mushrooms...just any good cooking, really. I'm not that picky.

Sweet Food:
Any dessert my mom makes. Uncooled no-bake cookies come to mind.

Song at the moment:
Zelda: "Temple of Time" (techno remix)

Time of year:
Whatever I'm living at the moment.

Alcoholic Drink:
No thanks

When were you last drunk?
Never. Not on alcohol, anyway.

Ever been so drunk you have forgotten what you did?
Nope. And that's a scary question.

Did you enjoy it?

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?
Attack of the Clones, with Blue in Victoria last May.

Was it good?
Most of it. Amidala's sudden decision to fall in love with Anakin for no reason was annoying, and the obvious attempt to draw male audiences by ripping most of Amidala's shirt off during the fight scene in the stadium was so subtle I could hardly stand it. The rest was pretty good.

Ever been on stage?
A little. School plays and presentations and the like.

Whats your greatest fear?
Practical--people I love being hurt.

Ever danced in public?
Oh my yes. Sometimes when nobody's looking, and sometimes because they are.

What's on your bed? Do you sleep with any cuddly toys?
Sheets, two chenille pillows that I really shouldn't be sleeping with, my blankie, my quilt, and my down comforter. My whale is the only stuffed animal I have in Moscow right now, and she's usually busy guarding the apartment while I sleep and sneaking plankton out of the fridge.

What's under your bed?
Three drawers. One for socks and underwear, one for my pants and shorts, and one's empty. Also some monsters, but generally the friendly sort.

Where do you work?

Do you have any bad habits?
I never sucked my thumb or bit my nails or chewed on anything. Still don't. But sometimes I make snap judgements about people, which I try to avoid. I also pick my nose, although that's a maintenance thing. >hides face and cries in shame<

Have you ever had sex?

Ever been in love?

What has been the best day of your life so far?
"Today...was my best day!" (Billy Crystal, "City Slickers")

What has been the best experience you've had so far?
There is no "best". I've had too many incredible experiences to pick one.

Are you a hoarder?
Only of certain things, like paper I can reuse.

Do you shower or bathe?
Shower to clean up, bathe to relax (or if I'm in the woods and water is scarce).

Do you watch soap operas?
Not even if I had a TV

Do you smoke?

Do you have any pets?
Just the whale (Klahowya). And my disreputable ivy, which is snickering at me as I type this.

Do you have children?

Are you untidy?
Sometimes, but not because of habit. It's usually just because I don't have time to put something where it should go, and so I do it later in the day.

What shampoo do you use?
Herbal Essences, which is a weird color and consistency because I combined two different kinds in order to have a full bottle to take to Taylor Ranch.

Do you keep a diary?
Just this one (LJ)

Are you a good girl?

Are you a bad girl?

Have you ever done anything that has made your parents ashamed of you?
Not to my knowledge. My Flagstaff trip has already passed into the annals of family history.

Do you prefer a night pubbing and clubbing, or wining and dining?
Sulking and skulking, then creeping and sleeping.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Chocolate muffins, oatmeal, cream of wheat, granola, fruit, or rarely, rarely, eggs and toast.

Saturday night, in or out?
Usually homework. -_-

What's in your backpack?
My notebook, my textbooks, a granola bar just in case, tissues, a red pen, a blue pen, a black pen, a pencil, a sponge Tyler gave me that I last used to take a bath in Cave Creek when it was really really dark outside, my snake ring, chapstick, a tin of wintergreen Altoids, a highlighter, a roll of paper towels (just came back from trapping starlings), a small burl from a Douglas fir, and a hex wrench.

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