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Thursday thursday

Pleasantness. I think it'll be a nice weekend. :)

Had my big ol' Ethics midterm this morning, but I think I did okay (Socrates through Thomas Aquinas). Strangely, it's the first big test I've had all semester. This semester I've had tons of homework and almost no tests. Last Fall it was almost no homework, and usually at least two major exams every week. Weird.

Finally kicked whatever was depressing me all this last week.

Did another starling capture lab this afternoon (extra credit for meeeee), got pooped on, got to pet the UI horses. A big stallion was put in a pen near some mares, and he got all prancy and started waving his tail around. It was fun to watch.

Went to my TA class and spent three hours in the old Arboretum, talking about wildlife capture/marking/tracking. Neat stuff. Just got back and am waiting for my rice to cool before I spoon some of my homemade veggie bean stew over it and have dinner while reading a Harry Potter book. And then do my final draft of my proposal for my Engineering/Tech writing research project (spotted knapweek control methods).

Haven't done a quiz in a while...why not?

Which equine character are you?
Quiz by Saturnalia

Finally finished my last essay for Ephil on Monday, so I'm free of essays for the rest of the semester. This week was Social Ecology, and I wanted to do my paper on Ecofeminism (next week), but I wanted to get the paper done NOW, so I did my Ecofem paper a week in advance. It means I had to do twice as many readings as usual last weekend, but it leaves this weekend free.

I'll probably start patching out my new quilt (I need a protractor and a t-square, darn it) and hopefully finish my Taylor Ranch journal, FINALLY.

Got a package in the mail todayyyyy...from Tylerrrrr...haven't opened it yeeeeeet...>sloppy grin<

Mmm, ricey smell. Dinnertime.

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