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Input needed?

I did a Bad Thing.

I was walking through one of those department stores yesterday (passing through), and stopped to have a good scoff at the prom/homecoming gowns, since I just love to do that.

And then one of them hooked me.

It's a thin dress out of tight, stretchy form-fitting material, with thin spaghetti straps and a low-cut front and back. It's a a thin, soft autumn copper in color, and has a pattern of leaves and vines in dusty pale blue, green, gold, and violet velvet. The bottom is cut with a taper, so the back is longer than the front, but only comes down to mid-shin. It's a really, really beautiful dress, and I liked the way it looked on me. It was also 40& off...$40 marked down from $70.

Darn it.

I really like the dress, and I really liked how it looked on me, but I may not have many occasions for it, and I certainly don't have much money lying around.

Opinions needed, help me!

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