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What is it about metallic aftertastes that make certain granola so bad, but cranberry juice so good?

Good day today. And a busy one.

I went to the Farmer's Market this morning, as usual. I did wear shoes (well, Birkenstocks) today, but I was just wearing my cargo pants and tank top aside from that, so I was getting the usual weird looks of disbelief from people in the near-freezing weather (I think I'm gaining a reputation with the vendors). I stopped to chat with the Pakistani man again today (has awesome food...he moved his booth into the sun today). He has a pretty thick accent, but a good grasp of English, and always talks about how cold it is. He asked me if I was from Idaho today, and I said I was from Seattle (I think he was disappointed that I wasn't from Alaska). And then he said, just as I was getting ready to leave..."whenever I am very very cold, I think of you!"

Made my day. :)

Got 5 pumpkins at the store. Got a pair of $60 comfy pants at NatureSport (which closed today, Dana!) for $8. Checked out the Tuxinmepetu Pow-Wow at the Kibbie.

I finally went out and practiced my archery today! Jim gave me permission to shoot up in Deary, so I had plenty of space and it was nice and quiet. It was wonderful to be in a place remote enough that I could hear when my arrows came down. I parked at the gate and shot my way up that long drive to their little dwelling, and then shot all the way back...probably the equivalent of shooting the length of the airstrip one-way. I think my technique is still improving, which is great. It was awesome to find that so many of my arrows only landed a hand's span apart, or if they were farther away, they fell on parallel lines. >happy squirm<

I don't know if it's different for everyone or if it depends on the bow, but the place I always get thwapped with the bowstring is just above the inside of my elbow, about 4 inches long on the thinnest skin of my arm. When I pull back, my natural inclination with the draw positions the flat of my arm perpendicular to the bow, which ofen places it within the range of the string's rebound. However, if I rotate my arm out, so the flat of my arm faces the bow, it narrows the thickness of my arm just enough that the bowstring misses it. I've found that I'm starting to do this out of habit now, which is wonderful. I did get thwapped once, but only once out of the whole session was pretty great. Since the place I'm always hit is just beyond the elbow, my armguard doesn't actually accomplish much. I could push it up to where I do get struck, but then the guard would lay across my elbow and I wouldn't be able to bend my arm. In truth, I like it better that way. I'd rather train my body (even though it's painful) to work in such a way that the armguard is unnecessary, rather than wear the armguard as protection when I constantly slip up (I hope that makes some semblance of sense). The fact that it only happened once today is very encouraging. I still wear the guard, though. I just like it. :)

I finished making my quiver this morning (it still lacked a strap), but I tried it out today and it worked great! >pleasedness<

Came back and had a kitchen adventure, resulting in one big bowl of seitan and one big bowl of sugar cookie dough. Must not snack. It's for other people.


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