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Ow, dang it.

I just got home for Thanksgiving break last Friday (and am very happy, since I haven't been home since August). Mom and I were supposed to go shopping and get her some new clothes today, but we had to cancel it, since I had to go to the hospital this morning. -_-

Yesterday morning, my eyes started feeling sore and very light-sensitive. They were painful and weepy. As the day went on, the pain diminished in my right eye, but only intensified in my left. It got progressively worse and worse (I imagine I looked hungover). I didn't want to go to the doctor if it was going to get better on its own, so I decided to wait through the night and see if it was better in the morning.

It was NOT. It got much worse by morning. It *really* hurt. I think one of the hardest parts about it was that there was no way I could stop the was constant. If my eye was open, it hurt. If I closed it, it hurt. Dryness, water, saline, and eyedrops all hurt. Rubbing it hurt, and that's a stupid thing to do anyway. I mean, if I'd broken my leg or something, at least I could lie still or something. This just hurt without cease...a LOT. My eye was red and swollen and inflammed and pouring tears, which made my nose run too. And it hurt a LOT. Did I mention that?

So we went to the hospital this morning. I was pretty sure it wasn't a foreign body, since I often wear contacts and I know what a foreign body feels like...a sharp, localized pain. This fels as if it was all over my whole eye, and it ached like mad. Also, the fluids I tried to flush through it didn't move or shift the pain.

Virginia Mason managed to squeeze me in at 10:00 in what was a VERY tight schedule for them, for which I am VERY grateful. They mercifully put me in a dim room and a wonderful doctor came to look at my eye (and dropped a little anethetic in my eye, oh happy). She looked all through my eye with those huge eye-master things and diagnosed my problem as a pretty formatable sub-eptithelial (inside the tissue) inflammation in my CORNEA.

I'm really glad mom took me to the hospital and we fixed it (there was no way I could have driven). I'm also glad the doctor was able to immediately look at my eye and diagnose the problem. Mom and I were both terrified that she wouldn't be able to find a problem and not know what to do about it.

Thankfully, the antibiotic drops are helping greatly...which also means that the infection is bacterial, not viral. >much happy< I've feeling way better now, since I've been so messed up for the past few days that I couldn't type or read print or anything. Not good for homework (or LJ, for that matter).

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