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Home again

I'm back in Seattle, BRIEFLY, for the weekend. Saturday morning starts Dad/Kid Weekend at Camp Sealth on Vashon Island. So Dad and Jason and I are trooping over there, just like we have since Dad and I started going in 1989, except now we help run the thing).

I'm very insistent on being there every year. Last year, Tyler was headed to Seattle to visit his sister Jeni, so he gave me a ride to the Fauntleroy ferry docks. I rode across as a foot passenger, set foot on the island around 8:30 PM (NE end), and arrived in camp around 1 AM (SW end). Walked the entire length of the island by the light of the moon. It rocked immensely. All the farm dogs and horses were coming around to check me out. Word got around camp the next day and made for some interesting conversations, especially with the wealthy dads, whose idea of walking is to make it across the dining hall on foot.

I've been having a rough time in Moscow lately, and I really need to be back on the Sound for a bit. We usually head out on Friday afternoon, have dinner on the island, then get to bed and be there for the arrivals the next morning (that is, after Bob, Engineer, and Merlin indulge in our annual late-night cutthroat Uno game). This time, I'm heading out by myself tomorrow morning. I'll have the whole day to hike around camp, maybe swim a little, or just put my feet up on the deck railing and read my book (Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues). It'll be great.

Incedentally, the drive here today was interesting. Tyler and I headed out around 8:30 and drove through about 80 miles of solid blizzard. After that, the Columbia Basin was clear and sunny, and so all the snow that froze to my car melted and refroze into neat ice-sculptures. I actually still had some Moscow snow on my car when I pulled into the driveway, 6 1/2 hours later. Spring was definitely coming in Moscow when we got hit with a late snowstorm , so the past few days have been pretty white. The whole snow-thing is still pretty new to me, since Seattle gets so little (which I point out to Tyler frequently). And now, here it is, March 7th, and it's been snowing big poofy snows in Seattle for the past 3 hours. Inches worth. It's bizarre. What are the odds that I'd show up in Seattle on the snow day (very rare), and that it would be in March? I just hope it doesn't freeze the buds off our trees. Somewhere in Redmond, Tyler's probably laughing at me.

I just finished another paper for Wildland, and used it as an excuse to not go to Jason's band concert. He tried to persuade me for 2 hours this afternoon...painfully. I'll probably bruise nicely. The beating was also supplemented by the discovery of his missing pajama bottoms, which I had put on the roof after he refused to pick them up off the bathroom floor...last Thanksgiving. I was surprised to be here when he found them, but it was gratifying in the extreme.

Alright, bed. Tired. Sleep.

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