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Good Things

I've been so utterly swamped for the past month that I haven't had the time or energy to post much. I've also noticed that my last few posts have been mostly academic whining, and so now I will post about Things That Are Good.

Oh, and this...
What Kind of Virgin Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

...which I'm mainly only posting because it's rather nice to have a quiz that's not "what sexual position are you?" or "what kind of slut are you?" or "what kind of porno will you star in?" or "how do you taste?"

Incidentally, vegetarians taste better. :p

*I'll get to see Tyler in exactly one month

*School's out in about a week or so (last final date unclear, you see).

*I got a 100% on my Ethics final, and had the best Taoism essay in the class. SCORE!

*No more 6:30-9:00pm Ephil classes.

*It snowed yesterday

*shaylith's back! Woohoo!

*The Pasture now has Christmas lights, egg nog, garland, pinecones, and two Christmas trees (a big Ponderosa, and a little mini-tree).

*I got a 21/20 on my waterfowl ID quiz, plus a smiley face. And no more Wildlife labs

*I'm taking Scuba next semester.

*Jim and Holly were in town this week, and I saw them twice! Yaaaaaaaaay!

*Senior Project Presentation is over FOR-EV-ER.

*Jim and Holly loved my Taylor Ranch Internship poster (for Forestry 480/481/485) so much that they asked me if I could donate mine to Clara Bleak (the lady that funded my internship), and they'd reimburse me for a new one (since some CNR guy was flying out to see Clara the next day). Then Diane Holick (CNR career lady) wanted a copy for the college to display, to advertise the internship, Jim and Holly wanted to send one to the potential donors that visited, Mitzi and Gene McHale, and THEN they wanted one for themselves, to put on display in the Taylor Ranch lab!!! Check it out
-One for me
-One for Clara Bleak
-One for the McHales
-One for the College of Natural Resources
-One for Taylor Ranch

*My spotted knapweed oral report and final report (30 pages o_O) are done, and that class is over FOR-EV-ER.

*Tree volume report is done (forest measurments)

*That bean stew I made this weekend is really good

*I have Dreamery Cool Mint in the freezer, thanks to shaylith and soddcutter (say hi to Toby!).

*Letter from Katie Sharkey today!

*I'm getting the highest grade in my Wildlife class (102%), and one of the highest in Ephil. SCORE!

*Tyler will be back home any minute. >jealous<

*bluemoonshark's home already. >jealous again<

*It's a crescent moon

*I have great music, and a an AWESOME CD burner that doesn't fail or take all day.

*I'm finally getting over the Martian Death Flu, having driven up Kleenex stock several points, I'm sure. >hack<


...and this cartoon by verabee, which makes me snickery.

And ravens are cool.

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