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Bad news: Up until today, Andrew has given us virtually no information on what our forest measurements final will cover, or even when it is.
Good news: There IS no FM final! Hot cha cha!

Forest Measurements
Environmental Philosophy
Senior Project Presentation
Senior Internship
Honors Ethics
Technical and Engineering Report Writing
Wildlife Ecology I
Wildlife Ecology I lab
TA Class/Special Topics

Although there are things to be done, I plan to laugh them off tonight and spend the rest of my evening enjoying myself. MWAH. About time.

Went to the copy center and placed my order for the extra 4 posters, two laminated, on four different budget numbers. I was kind of wondering if I could get him to cry.

Does anybody know what it means when your bike is shifting gears by itself? It's making a lot of squeak-noise too, like I'm running over lemmings.

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