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Kim and I are both down for the count, and have spent the afternoon deep asleep in our respective rooms. She's coming out of anesthetic for an endoscopy she had earlier today (that's the camera-tube down into the stomach O_O), and I gave blood a little earlier and am feeling a little woozy, since my blood pressure is low. Plus, I think the end-of-the semester exhaustion is setting in. Fine with me...I like sleeping. Red Cross gets so much love from me. The INBC, on the other hand, can kiss my aorta. I told the tech about the needle incident from last time and she paled.

What Kind of Were-Animal Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
With your head, and sometimes your body too, up in the clouds, you can always be counted on to spot the bread crumbs dropped by the pigeon lady in the park first. Congratulations, you're a wereraven.

I found some great colors of yarn to make a rainbow-striped scarf for when I'm home. It's that soft crinkled homespun I like so much...I made a long water-blue scarf out of it 2 years ago, and I just love it. It took a while to find the right colors, but I finally did...a burnt gold, forest green, deep blue, and deep purple. I just need to go back to the fabric store to get that skein of carmine, and I think I'll be set.

The end of the semester proceeds apace...

Forest Measurements
Environmental Philosophy
Senior Project Presentation
Senior Internship
Honors Ethics
Technical and Engineering Report Writing
Wildlife Ecology I
Wildlife Ecology I lab
TA Class/Special Topics

...and I think I'm assured of an A in Ethics and FM, so I'm starting to feel good about grades. >crosses fingers< All I need to do now is write my Ephil take-home final (essay, single spaces 10 point font, 6 pages -_-), and memorize about 50 mammal scientific names. Lucky for me I'm good at memorization.

Must figure out Christmas presents...
Luckily, I should be back in Seattle next Tuesday, the 17th...not bad, considering I've usually arrived on the 21st or 22nd. -_- I've missed the Christmas pre-whelming, as Tyler calls it.

Fudgemaking tomorrow.

I miss the mules.

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