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"...and light little candles of their own..."

Just to check in, yes, I am alive and well, and yes, I've been having a wonderful time.

I got back on Tuesday and spent much of that day settling in.

Wednesday was mostly errand-running and getting my costume ready for The Two Towers on Thursday. I got a bunch of stuff together earlier in the day (and went grocery shopping with my mom, and fabric shopping with bluemoonshark. Later that night, we met with shrike30 and went with all of his friends (I'm still learning names) to troglodyteking's house for a costuming/movie-watching/eating party.

shrike30 was going as a sort-of-Boromir, bluemoonshark supposedly as the magical blue wizard (which she does without LOTR excuses anyway), naruvonwilkins as a rather wonderful Frodo, and troglodyteking as a rather wonderful Gimli (I considered bringing my longbow, but feared for its safety)...and many, many, MANY wonderful others. I had decided to go as Galadriel. I picked up an old handmade white dress at Value Village earlier that day. At troglodyteking's house, I ripped out two random dark blue skirt gussets that were put in the bottom for no discernible reason, and replaced them with white, which took much longer than I thought it would. I also took a few inches out of the shoulder straps so the costume would stay G rated.

I had a long piece of white lacy material that I draped around my shoulders (a cloak would have taken too long). galith very kindly made me two strands of chain mail that I sewed into the lace and used to hold it around my neck with a neat spiral clasp. Add my silver leaf necklace, remove shoes, and costume is complete.

Messed about on Thursday, and then at 2:00, bluemoonshark picked me up with some others and we met at the Cinerama downtown (luckily, we had tickets in advance). We hung out in the front of the theatre for a while, talking and complimenting each other's costumes. Four of the guys (shrike30, troglodyteking, galith, and, I think, greendude?) did some great swordplay out in front for the whole theatre, which brought a lot of cheers from the audience. I was awfully flattered with some of the comments from people (I got stares from monorail passengers). Wow, you should have seen the chain mail.

I wouldn't read this if I were you...

The good stuff
*The scene between Arwen and Elrond, which I thought quite moving, but also very true to the book (the scene was never in the book, but it was somewhat narrated and implied, and will be a good and necessary setup for the end of Return of the King
*Holy crap, the flying Fell Beasts
*Gollum/Smeagol's inner conflict (very well done, and very true to the book)
*Starry skies
*Eowyn's hair
*The dead marshes, and the good direct quotes (I know it's a small scene, but I was impressed they had it at all)
*Theoden's anguish over Theodred
*Some really fantastic violin music
*Ents standing in the floodtides at the siege of Isengard
*Legolas' deadpan remarks to Aragorn
*Aragorn's lifesaving horse
*Legolas flipping onto a running horse (one of the few scenes I had to approve of vocally in the theatre, loudly). Oh my.
*Haldir's death scene, which was very well done
*The white flowers on the barrows of the kings of Rohan
*Rohan in general, actually
*Legolas in general
*Gandalf's battle with the Balrog (note that Gandalf's new staff looks an awful lot like something you'd find in Lothlorien...and in the book, it does say that Galadriel sent Gwyhir (sp) to find Gandalf and bring him back to Lothlorien, although that was omitted here
*Elven cloaks and elven ropes
*The elves coming to Helm's deep for a new alliance of elves and men, which I really liked, although I don't think the elves were supposed to be there
*The sun rising over Helm's deep
*That awesome horn!

The otherwise
*The forced romance scenes between Arwen and Aragorn, and the kissy-noises.
*That completely laughable scene with Aragorn tracking Merry and Pippin at the scene of the orc/Riddermark scuffle ("a hobbit lay here...and here they crawled..."). I don't buy that.
*Faramir being temped by the Ring and giving in to it, at least for a short while (I thought he resisted from the beginning?)
*Weren't the Ents a considerable force against retreating orcs at Helm's Deep?
*Making Gimli too much of a laughingstock
*Why do the guards at the black gates of Mordor need so much black eye makeup? Good heavens.

And here are some happy pictures from the movie, courtesy of troglodyteking. Why the heck can't my eyes ever look normal in a photograph? Blech. Anyway, I'm easy to find, as the only one in blinding white. Check out the chain mail and duct-tape weaponry. I used to sell these guys kite spars for this. O_o

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