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Must update journal...

Wow, things have been super busy lately. I'm now back in Idaho, getting the apartment squared away, getting back in school mode, helping Tyler move in, and of course, procrastinating on finishing my Udall scholarship application. >sigh<

I gots a new desk over Christmas, which Tyler helped me set up here. My Dad built it for me, and Tyler and I did all the finishing work, which took days. It's a beautiful oak exterior with mahogany inside. I have two regular drawers on the left and another deep drawer for hanging files, and then one big drawer on the top right with no sides, which pulls out my printer, and a big space underneath for my computer and my VCR, standing upright (my VCR is plugged into the computer, since I don't have a TV). There's also a neat little door underneath the desktop by my feet, towards the back, in the side of the desk so I can access the back of my computer without pulling everything out. Dad even installed a power strip and a light in there.

The handles are nice too. Silver twigs on the side drawers and two spiral knobs on the center drawer.

Tyler is doing well in his new loft apartment, three blocks away. >skip, happy!< We got back on Saturday, and since then he's spent early mornings trying to get his place together, then we'd spend midday together running errands (like two hours at the grocery store), and then I'd drop him back at the apartment so he could work some more, and then he'd come over for dinner and a movie, and stay the night before leaving at the crack of dawn to get back to work. >blissful<

Lots of rain. :)

Note I said "we" arrived on Saturday. Tyler actually left Seattle on Friday, but his Trooper died...badly...on Snoqualmie pass. I had to go pick him up and we drove out together the next day. He talked things over with his dad and they decided the car was a write-off (very very old, and broken down, and square). So they donated it to Seattle Emergency Housing (the same place that claimed my old caravan, sniff), and Tyler is now quite carless.

Dana visited me yesterday. Yay!

Tyler and I made a great broccoli and mushroom dish two nights ago, with ginger and garlic, and I spent last night making a pretty great black bean stew, with potatoes and mushrooms and broccoli and pumpkin seeds and barley and quinoa, served over rice. Delicious.

And Tyler (the sweetness that he is) bought me a new book from Flagstaff. Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine. >happy sigh<

I also got my Disneyland pictures developed, and many of them came out rather well. I think my favorite is the one Jason took of me while we were spinning on the teacups. Half my head is cut off, but I'm smiling and my hair is everywhere. It's sort of artsy. I think Tyler's favorite is the one of me grinning madly under a giant Cheshire cat at the Alice in Wonderland ride.

I also had the pictures from Two Towers on that roll, and there's a pretty good one of troglodyteking and galith killing each other. Grainy, but good.


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