Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

La la, thumbing through my Two Towers music. I *love* that lonely, stringy violin they had playing through parts of the movie (at Helm's Deep, for example). I did NOT like the closing song they played during the credits ("Gollum's Song"). What WAS that?

It's such a warm, cozy feeling to know that your significant other's family really approves of you.

My sewing continues apace. I just finished Kim's Christmas present...five throw pillows for her bed, with different fabrice and trims, and all in assorted shades of yellow (her favorite color).
1. Bright yellow terrycloth (yum!)
2. A deep yellow calico print of white sunflowers, with a lacy ivory cobwebby trim.
3. A stiffer yellow fabric (which I know Kim likes, because I have a purple shirt made out of it) with a twisted string tassely trim.
4. A soft satiny pillow in deep yellow, with dark gold tassels at each corner.
5. A soft pillow of the same material as 4, with a twisted ropy trim (this one was hard).


Now back to my rainbow scarf.

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