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...and did I mention PONIES? I did NOT!

Tyler and I were in Goodwill yesterday and I was snooping around the toy section like I always do, and suddenly, there were PONIES! It's the only time I've ever seen them there! They were all together in one bag, for only $1.25. >score!<

I got a hideous Beddy-Bye-Eye Babdy Ribbon, who has rusty eyes but good hair, otherwise (and the same problem as my BBE Baby Ribbon...the hair cascades out in front of her forehead, throwing her off balance so she can't stand). I got a Windy identical to the one Jenna gave me years ago...filthy, with buzzed mane and tail.

Also got a Stripes (who I don't think I have) and a Princess Starburst (the only year 5 princess I'm missing). Both are dirty, but no major flaws and the hair is definitely salvagable, if tangled. Considering I haven't bought ponies online in 3 years, this was quite a find.

Eee! A project!

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