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Das Wochenende

Nice weekend so far. :)

Tyler and I made rhubarb pie on Saturday morning, which turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Rhubarb pies are so pretty. It was also my mom's birthday, so I called her and we chatted for a nice bit. It was just sort of a nice, mellow kind of day. Hung out with Tyler, got his computer fixed up, put groceries away. Watched documentaries.

Yesterday was Tyler's birthday. Tyler and I hung out for most of the day. We hung up more stuff at his apartment, ran some quick errands for paint and vegetable oil, and then nipped back here to get his birthday cake in and out of the oven before picking up shaylith to go see Two Towers with us. I do like that movie.

Nice fog was rolling in as we drove into Pullman, but on the way back to Moscow 3 hours later, it was thick pea soup the whole way home...I could barely see a thing on the drive. I had to just focus on the right white line to keep from going over the side of the road. I had to drive at about half the posted limit, so I had people piled up behind me, but I didn't care...they had my taillights to follow; I didn't have anything (all the oncoming traffic was moving in convoys too). I got passed twice by guys in pickups. Have at it, guys, you're braver than me. The second almost clipped me.

We took shaylith back to her apartment first so she could grab some food before we all went back to my place for dinner, but we decided that she should drive her car over separately so she could drive home afterwards. Unfortunatly, shaylith's having some pretty hard car problems right now, mainly having to beat the car with a pokey-stick under the hood to make it start. She couldn't get it to start last night at all, so we had just decided to drive over in my car and run her back later when we realized that her keys had been locked in the car, with the ignition still on. O_O Poor shaylith. Her apartment keys were in there too, so she couldn't even get back into her place. Luckily, she was able to call her dad to open the car up for her. He had to drive all the way up from Orofino, but he seemed pretty cool about it, which was awesome.

So we went back to my place while we waited, had dinner, had cake (rainbow chip frosting, mmm), watched some of the cool documentaries on my LOTR extended DVD (sweetsweetSWEEET), then went to take shaylith back to her place...which was cool, since soddcutter was there and we all four hung out for a while, after shaylith's car was all better (and I don't think the battery ran down or anything...phew!).

Hmm, that's about all that comes to me at the moment.

This book on Henry VIII's wives is really really good.

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