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soddcutter added me to his friends list! Ah HA! Ah HA!


Darn this cold. I got it on December 28th and it's STILL lingering...mostly by making me sniffle and having taken some of my voice, so I have 3/5ths laryngitis. That means a few things.
-I hit about 3 octaves in my regular speech
-If I haven't spoken in about 2 minutes, the first thing I say will come out as a barely-audible gasping squeak. For example:

>phone rings<
Me: ""
Random person: "Um, hello?"
Me: >HACK< "Hello!"

Or in class, calling roll.
Prof: "Autumnwinds*?"
Me: "...eee..."


*Y'know, why is my real name so g--d--- difficult? It's written out on paper or neatly typed, eight letters and a hyphen, and it is ALWAYS butchered utterly to pieces. I don't mean leaving part of it out. I mean reading the "M" as two "N"'s or, even worse, "RN", which involves an interesting gender switch. JUST READ IT HOW IT'S SPELLED. I don't CARE that it looks odd. I swear, the hardest thing about starting new semesters is having to introduce myself AND promptly explain my name to about 20 new people.

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