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Tyler got permission from his landlord to paint on his walls, so for the past few days, we've been playing. :) With acrylics.

He has a metal disk embedded into the side of his wall over what appears to be an air duct. It's clearly not being used anymore , having already been painted over a number of times, and Tyler decided it needed to be a sun (it IS on the east wall). So he painted a really nice Yin-Yang over the disk, I added eight swirling sun rays around it, and then he painted deep clay-red zia stripes on the four cardinal rays. I'm rather proud of the rays. They start with a deep gold at the base (with a hint of warm orange where the zia rays are), and then melt out to a soft icy yellow at the tips...yay for sponge brushes).

Tyler also decided he wanted a tree in his room, which he very lovingly requested of me (I can draw conifers reasonably well). It's coming along a lot better than I thought it would. I just have the trunk and branches up right now, but I was able to dab in some different shades of deep brown to give the trunk some depth, and added hints of a pale grey-green on the north side of the trunk for lichen and moss, which looks amazingly great. Also lined the base with tiny bracken ferns and some salmonberry. It looks so much better than I expected.

Next: needles!

Oh, and this...

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.
While you may respect hierachies such as that of royalty, you don't want to be tied down or bound to class-systems or any thing that would restrict you from what you love to do. You live a contented life as you have most everything you require and that which you don't, you are content with the knowledge that you will receive it one day. You are peaceful and have a desire to help others and to do the right thing. You would love to help starving communities or help just one person in trouble. You are truly a beautiful human being.

Yeah, it's an old broken link, I know. I think I was a Maiden.

This is a really good song.

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