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Academic blatherings

Ech…I don’t know why I haven’t been updating much lately. Just tired, I guess.

Things are going well, if not busy. First the academia, I suppose, so I have an excuse. I had my big Ornithology lab exam last Friday…we had to memorize all the bones in a bird’s body (including the inchy-squinchy skull ones), toe arrangements, webbing types, skin types, feather tracts, apteria (empty spaces -_-), about 15 bird songs (I like the olive-sided flycatcher), parts of the feather, different kinds of feathers (remiges, retrices, marginal coverts, median coverts, greater coverts, axillaries, crurals, crissium), topography (the lore, the auriculars, the jugulum, the superciliary line, the temporal canthus), etc. It was a huge amount of information. Lucky for me, I actually came to all the labs, stayed to study for the whole thing, asked questions, and studied like mad. The class average, to Kevin’s disappointment, was a 65%. I managed to waltz out with a 98%. >ULTRA GLEE<

I was supposed to have 3 major exams today, all back to back…Ornithology lecture, Conservation Biology, and Wildlife Ecology lecture. O_O Thankfully, Kevin let me shift my Ornithology exam to tomorrow, and Lisette pushed the CB exam to next Tuesday, so that was a major relief. There was a ton of stuff to know for Wildlife today, and I was pretty freaked out and was developing a genuine fear of death. I’m usually pretty good with memorizing stuff, but a lot of the term definitions just didn’t stick…especially since they were for words you’re readily familiar with, like “adaptation”. So we had to memorize a ton of those, know a lot of population growth equations (nasty logistic stuff with time lags and convex/concave curves). Tyler and I spent the last few days finishing up the lab assignment and studying for this thing. We *really* studied our posteriors off on this one, but I think it paid off, and I feel pretty good about it (turns out I’m only mostly dead). We’ll see.

So now I’m kicking back a bit, munching on a little bread and brie, and reading Watership Down as a break before I start cramming for tomorrow’s Ornithology exam. Luckily for me, I think I know the material pretty well. Double luckily, we have no scuba this week since Monday was a holiday, so I have the whole morning free for extra studying fun.

Then this weekend: study for scuba on Monday, study for the exam on Tuesday, do wildlife lab assignment for Thursday, write paper on Klamath Basin water debate for Thursday, and jointly write project proposal for Environmental Sustainability with Tyler. And make something good to eat.

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