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Vashon, Day 2

Woke up early this morning and munched a quick chocolate muffin in bed, then threw some clothes on and went out for a run. I'm trying to set running goals for myself that dictate what distance I run without stopping or slowing down. I decided to run as far as the docks. It's really not all that far, but my running endurance is extremely poor.

It was a very pleasant run, though. The water was at midway tide and very calm and misty, and there was light cloud cover. Lots of birds, very chilly. I got to the Boata dock, climbed the fence, and spent a few quiet minutes on the edge, dangling my feet over the end and watching the waters. It was so still.

Wandered back. Everybody was issued radios and we all took our places for the arriving dads (8:30 ferry, some latecomers on the 9:30). Bob was setting up crafts, Miss Marty manning check-in at Rounds, Professor greeting the vehicles as they arrived, Merlin passing them the informational handouts, Skipper parking Milky Way and Village cars on the Plateau, and me radioing car descriptions and directions to Engineer and Larry, parking Rounds, Pricilla White, Medamin, and Misty Mountain cars in main camp.

Dad and Skipper always like to have a little fun with the dads coming in. This year they lied that they were charging for parking, witht he following rates: $5 to park back up on the street (1 mile away, uphill), $10 to park on the Plateau and put up with Skip, and $15 to actually park within sight of the cabin. The veterans just laughed. The newbies pulled out their wallets.

Dad and Skipper realized that things would run much more smoothly if they simply did check-in there as the Dads came down the hill, and got so excited about the prospect of having radios and clipboards that they practically peed themselves.

I'm Rogue
Well Ah do declare, Sugah! Looks like you're everyone's favourite Southern Belle: Rogue. You're beautiful, charming and tough as nails, but you've got a romantic streak as wide as the white in your hair. Yup, it appears you've got it all, except for the fact that you have to keep people at arm's length all the time and then angst about it incessantly.

Merlin, long-suffering, was sent down to Rounds for coffee and cocoa a number of times, and eventually was sent away permanently to start the fires for outdoor cooking.

Crafts started at 11. Engineer and I were doing Jacob's Ladders, which proved to be such a poor choice for an hour long craft that it required 4 people: Engineer and I to teach it, and Merlin and Larry to repair the ones that broke. It takes time for the glue to dry, and since they're complicated to explain and assemble, few people had the time. The dads ended up doing more work than the kids, and we ended up doing more work than the dads. Granted, they turned out really cool, but still...

Five hours of that and I was pretty googly-eyed. I used the bit of time I had between the last craft and dinner to go for a hike in the middle of a rainstorm. I took the Heaven trail up to Heaven, but instead of turning back, I took the continuing trail out to Kyabunga, where I had never been (it's only recently that trail forks have been marked with signposts). I hit Kyabunga and kept going until I reached the far southern Gate, marker of the camp boundary and way out in the middle of nowhere (Sealth is 400 acres). Doubled back to Primitive (the wind and rain in the trees at the top of the ridge was incredible), and eventually reached Uncle Wigglebottom's cabin (guardian of camp). I hadn't been there since I was about eight, and I came from a different direction. I remember that we made houses for the faeries while we were there). That marked the highest point of my trek...I then camp down through a ferny draw and out from the Milky Way trail. It took about 1 1/2 hours, and most of that steep climbing. I'm pleased, though, because although I tired quickly, I was able to keep my strong pace throughout the entire hike. My stamina and endurance has considerably improved.

Made it back to camp in time to help set up for dinner (soaking wet, of course!). I love KP duty, it rocks. Set up all the stuff while Miss Marty went on the porch and made all the waiting dads and kids sing, ha ha. Dinner was nice. Skip took the time beforehand to carry our platter of chocolate cake slices and switch out the small ones with larger ones, just because he could. I had a sweet craving and ended up eating two pieces and sharing my Dad's.

Cleanup KP after that, and Bob and I trundled off to Milky Way to fetch the lazies from Sirus and Taiyo who hadn't arrived to move tables and benches for the singing. When the singing started, we also had to regulate with the Dads who left a roaring fire unattended in one of the shelters. We also sang my favorite, "Three Chartruse Buzzards". It only works if you sing it with complete apathy. It's a riot.

Benches moved again, and we grouped up for dancing, which I love. Heel-toe polka, Man in the Hay, Virginia Reel, and the slidy one. That space of dancing is one of the primary reasons I come. Seeing all the businessy dads stomping and whooping it up with their kids does my heart good.

I sat out for the last one, Hokey Pokey, because it's evil. Munched on an orange and then everybody scattered for bed, after setting up the tables for breckers the next morning. I was wiped out, so I went back to the cabin and played chess with Engineer (my first chess game ever) while Miss Marty and Bob did the tuck-in lights-out rounds. I tried to finish my book afterwards, but couldn't finish the LAST THREE PAGES because Bob and Engineer were blathering too much. I finally gave it up and went to sleep.


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