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Lazy morning

Lots to do...

Conservation Biology exam tomorrow. Tyler and I spent almost all of yesterday studying and going through old lecture notes, and practicing equations (heterozygocity). He'll be over to study after his 10:30 class, so I'm going to try and work on my population lab for Thursday, and maybe start the proposal for our Sustainability project (we're writing a class curriculum). Also have to do my reading for Scuba tonight.

Just went to the post office to mail off my scuba boots back to the dive store in Coeur d' Alene, so I can get a pair that have side zippers. I could get in and out of mine easily enough when dry, but when wet, it was a struggle and I think I was really straining the stitches.

Also went to the fabric store. While home last weekend, we made a trip to Ikea, and I (for some reason) bought a magnificent stuffed ant. It's about a meter long, complete with six legs, feelers, and cushy thorax. Only has two problems...the eyes are all wrong (I will fix), and the underside of this big black ant is red, which terrifies me. I bought a little of that smooth metallic foil fabric in a shimmery indigo to cover it up.

I've had my journal for over a year now. >confetti< I missed the anniversary date, but oh well.

We made seitan on Saturday night. Yummmm.

It's a clear, blindingly sunny day outside, so the warmth left the ground and it's 18 F outside. The dusty moon's setting in the newly-plowed wheatfields that ring the town, and it's another peaceful morning.

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