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The Ascent

Since the semester started, Tyler and I have gone to the Recreation Center every Sunday night to climb. He's been climbing and rappelling for years, and loves it, and just bought his own harness over Christmas (he already had shoes and belay device...I have no climbing shoes, and we use webbing for a belay harness). It's similar to the pinnacle at the Seattle REI...and it's the biggest/tallest climby-thing of any US college.

I'd never climbed before, but it's really growing on me. It's really satisfying to struggle and feel my muscles pulling and working. I'm already starting to see a big change in my arm muscles. I'm usually sore and stiff afterwards, but it's wonderful.

But I just wanted to crow that last night, I finally made it to the top of the pinnacle itself (I usually climb on some of the shorter surrounding walls, which are a little easier and less crowded). It's supposed to be 55 feet, but it feels a lot taller than that. BUT, not only did I climb all the way to the top of that thing (on the SE approach, near the route called "Dreams"), but...

...I did it BAREFOOT.

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