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Things to do...

*Make the bed.
*Brush the teeth
*And the hair

*Do my wildlife lab on mark/recaptures, due the same day (Thursday) as my lab midterm. >fume<
*Study for scuba written final tonight
*Get crumbs off every surface of the kitchen
*Study my ornithology flashcards

I was severely disappointed by not being able to go home for Dad/Kid weekend at Camp Sealth. I go to this little event EVERY single year, and I love it. I love helping with the goony crafts, I love having fun with my dad, I love setting the tables, and I love square dancing in the hall with about 75 other dad/kid pairs. I also love taking time off to hike in the quiet of the woods, with all the old trails I've known since I was little, or walking along the beach to see eagles and seals and pick up beach glass. It's so quiet and beautiful.

And I missed it this year, even though I've made it for both of my other college years. This year I had a late lab on Friday (bird viscera) that I absolutely couldn't miss, which would have put me into Seattle around 11-12 midnight, and into camp around 1...assuming the ferries even ran that late, and that road conditions were ideal. They weren't. It started pouring down snow on Thursday, REALLY pouring snow on Friday (we got 6-7 inches, which is nothing compared to the pass), and more on Saturday. Plus, if I'd gone, I would now be spending 7-8 hours driving BACK, and not studying for my lab midterm or scuba final. Not to mention the $70 or so dollars I would have spent on gas money.

But still. I grieve for that.

Drowned my sorrows in a book fair on Saturday morning. Picked up a couple of kids' books (Masquerade, The Biggest Shadow in the Zoo, Little Turtle's Big Adventure...the latter two from my childhood), another William Shatner book about the Star Trek movies (I already have the one about the TV series...cost me a dollar at Third Place), and then perfectly untouched used copies of She's Come Undone (good, but disturbing) and Bridges of Madison County (haven't read, but heard good things about).

Also had the pleasure of having Tyler, Dana and Cassie over on Saturday night for pizza, ice cream, and Chocolat, and of having a really fantastic snowball fight on Friday with Tyler and the two tiny neighbor kids upstairs (near our newly made 8-armed 11-eyed skiing spider snowman).

The squirrels next door get fatter before my very eyes. Tyler's afraid they're going to start mugging our neighbor the next time she goes out to feed them with the 50 lbs of corn, sunflower seeds, and walnuts she routinely dumps under her maples.

Work now.

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