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Passed my scuba final last night, yay! Open water tests this weekend, and then I'm through...and from now on, BOTH my Mondays and Wednesdays are free. >shrieks<

Only got three was about DIN valves, which I didn't really study because we don't use them in the US, one was about lung-overexpansion (it was an "all of the above" answer, and I wasn't sure about some of the options), and one was a dive table problem where I accidentally read the wrong cell. That printing is tiny.

I got an 87% in the huge conservation biology exam from two weeks ago, which was significantly lower than I wanted/expected. >sigh< I was really surprised by that. However, I felt really worried about the Wildlife Ecology II exam at that same time, and I got that humongous thing back with a 104%...the highest grade in the class. O_O THAT I did not expect.

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