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Ornithology lab was good today. We had a guest speaker from WSU come in and talk to us about raptor recovery. When he finished, he showed us four birds that he’d brought. The first was a red-tailed tercel hawk, which had a badly damaged wing and couldn’t fly anymore. #2 was a female rough-legged hawk, who had been blinded. She was a beauty…a very long, slender body with a long tail and shorter wings, for top maneuverability in forest hunting. Her plumage was a deep dark blue-grey, and her legs and toes were incredibly long and thin…very graceful. The third was a male American kestrel, which are beautiful birds. They have creamy bellies, rusty red backs and slate-blue wings, with deep chocolate spots all over and wonderful facial markings (including a black stripe before the eye, which serves the same purpose as it does on football players…glare reduction. The last was a lovely little saw-whet owl, whom I got to hold on my fist for a little bit. She was a rich brown and cream-color, and very small…just about the size of my hand.

It’s been cold the last few days, but deliciously so. It’s a little warmer than it has been in the past few months, so the cold doesn’t leap into you the minute you step outside and suck the breath from your lungs. It’s a friendly, refreshing cold…just enough that you could put on a long-sleeved shirt and feel like you could walk outdoors for miles and miles.

The tulips are coming up.

Update: If the phone rings once more, I shall go mad. I didn't get home from classes until 6:00, and I was starving. I make dinner, take exactly two bites, and mom calls. I ask her to call me back, and she hangs up after a few minutes. I eat dinner with the impending call hanging over my head. Start studying dinner and mom calls back. Talk to mom for 35 minutes. Hang up. Phone promptly's Joe, for Kim. They talk for over an hour, which is fine, except I cannot get online and Tyler cannot call his sister. Kim gets off. Tyler calls his sister and talks for 10 minutes. Hangs up. I get online and am literally 1 second away from the actual dialup when the phone rings. It's Dana, for Kim. They talk for 25 minutes. Then Dana wants to talk to me, which was awesome (I like it when my friends like me). This is not meant to be inflammatory or whiny, and I certainly don't want to sound like I'm the only one with the right to use the phone, but man, I'm a little phone-happy right now.

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