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Ech. Spring Break ends tomorrow and I don't want to go back to Idaho. I want to stay home.

As far as the Iraq thing goes, how about this? I'm going to set aside all the political buzzwords and chants, and just say what I really think.

Bush is claiming to be the liberator of oppressed Iraqis under a sadistic and cruel dictator. I will be honest: I do not know enough about what is going in in Iraq to say if this is true one way or the other. I don't know if we really are liberating the Iraqis, or just imposing our will on a country that wants nothing to do with us.

The oil problem concerns me. Unlike probably every other American, I WANT oil prices to go up. For every penny the price rises, we use less fuel to compensate. If the price really rises, we drive less, carpool more, and push for better public transit (and use it if it's available to us). Not much of that has been happening now because oil is cheap and it doesn't seem necessary to change. And yes, I have a car. It's a used Ford Explorer, which is an SUV, and I'm not proud of it. I bought it because I have to do forest research sometimes and I wanted a car that could handle the roads, but I won't buy another. I like the car, but I want something more fuel-efficient that treads more lightly on the earth...ideally, I don't want a car at all. I try to make up for having an SUV by biking to school and back every day, or walking. I only use my car on the weekends if I need to get groceries from across I put about 4 miles on it a week. I also carpool with Tyler, since he doesn't have a car.

Back to Iraq. No, I don't think we should be over there. This started out as a hunt for terrorists. Fighting Iraq might wound a structured military, but it will not stop terrorism. The way to stop terrorism is to not give your enemy a reason to despise you. I find it interesting that Bush is claiming such Christian support, but is not turning the other cheek, or even fighting the same enemy. What happened to Osama bin Laden? Where does Bush's Bible condone sweet revenge? I'm lost.

I'm also worried that we're doing this nearly alone. I don't feel like we need the approval of other nations to do the right thing, but I don't know if this IS the right thing, and we have very little support...Tony Blair, mostly. Almost the entire rest of the planet has reasons for not only holding back, but condemning our actions. It worries me that Bush does not seem to be listening to any objections...not those of other world leaders, not the objections of his own citizens (a good quarter of them).

It also goes without saying that I'm worried about the people who will die because of this, whether it's Iraqi civilians or American troops.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now.

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