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Vashon, Day 3

Okay, last one. I didn't get up too early this morning, because the very first thing they do on Sunday is skits, and I despise skits. When Bob and Tic Tac and I were little, Professor and Skipper always refused to do them with the other dads.

Packed my stuff up instead. Attempted to brush my tangled mess and packed, rolled, and loaded. The quick getaway from camp is essential, since it ends right after breakfast, and the ferries fill up fast (and only come once an hour, which is a long time when you're just sitting in your car).

Belgian Waffles for breakfast. Professor and Skipper adore them, and whined so much on the years we didn't have them that Miss Marty now orders them every year. I skipped the waffle and just had strawberries and cream, spoiled brat that I am. And vegetarian sausage, which wasn't so great. And cocoa. Lotsa that.

I left as soon as I was done with my meal and bade a fond farewell to everyone...I had a looong drive ahead of me and was ready to get it out of the way. I stopped on the way up out of camp once, though, just to see the woods one last time.

Turns out that Dad and Skipper and Merlin and Bob were close enough behind me that they actually got on the same ferry as me, although I didn't realize it until they passed me on I-5. I didn't see them on the ferry (they all stayed in the car, and I went above decks and spent the entire trip out on the front prow, with the wind and freezing rain in my face and the Sound rolling below. Merlin later told me that Dad had seen a car ahead of theirs on the ferry that looked like mine (sandy Explorer with cracked taillight), but ruled it out because there were two people in it. I never told Mum and Dad that I picked up a hitchhiker on the way off the Island.

What Pattern Are You?

But his name was Haskel Thomas, and he was very nice. He liked my David Wilcox CD.

Beelined it for home, switched some loot back and forth, wrested my Sun Chips from the clutches of my parents, and headed for Tyler's. He had called earlier and would be out on errands, but I had to drop off Jason at the zoo for his Zoocorps training, and I didn't know what traffic would be like. I just read my book in Jeni's parking lot until she and Tyler showed up. Tyler actually ran to greet me. That felt really good. Jeni just stood there patiently and watched us hold each other for awhile...we needed this weekend so badly, and it turned out to be so great for the both of us.

Jeni and Tyler also read Maniac Magee together this weekend. I do love that book.

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you?

With that, Tyler and I drove back to Idaho. Had a rough time getting through the Pass...heavy snow, snow and slush on the roads and very slidy-like...but the rest was okay. I hit another tumbleweed, but a small one this time. I don't think I'll leave Tyler in charge of music again. We listened to the same CD for the entire trip.

Dropped off Tyler at his apartment 6 hours later, went back to the house, and forgot to watch the 9/11 thing (oops). Altogether, an awesome (and badly needed) weekend.


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