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Grand theft auto, but not quite.

Long Version:

My car is a used Ford Explorer, which was an EXTREMELY kind gift from my parents (sort of an early college graduation gift when my caravan died).

I got into Seattle for Spring Break at about 12:30 on Friday the 14th and parked it in our driveway. Tyler and I unpacked the car and had lunch. Mom left to go to an appointment, and Dad was at work, so my car was the only one in front of our house and Tyler and I were home alone.

Tyler and I played Frisbee in the backyard for a while, and then went down into our basement at 2:20 to watch Star Wars. At 2:30 we saw some light reflection skim across the wall of the dark basement from the window, which happens when someone drives into our driveway because sunlight bounces off the vehicle. We assumed it was Mom.

My car alarm goes off 1 minute later.

We run outside, and whoever has come into the driveway is gone, andthe back wing window of my car (for the seat behind the driver, which faces away from the street in the way that I park) has been popped out and is lying unbroken in the
backseat (which is impressive, for tempered glass). Since our CD books were in the backseat and weren't taken, we assumed that they weren't trying to steal anything from the car (I'm still surprised they didn't grab them), but wanted the car itself.

We assume that at least two people drove into my driveway, one stayed behind the wheel, and one jumped out to get my car. When the alarm went off, they bailed. There was some crowbar damage around the window frame and seal, but not much else. We had the glass put back in without too much trouble on Monday.

We called the police, but they didn't come (not like there's much they could do, even though there were some fingerprints on the glass). We got a case number to give to our insurance company. We heard more car alarms in the neighboorhood afterwards. Later, my parents drove me quietly nuts as we drove around Aurora looking for glass places in Friday-night traffic, and found five of them, all of which proclaimed they were open, but none with any actual people in them. -_- We fixed it on Monday ($38, not bad).

But, jeez...can you please not steal my car out of my DRIVEWAY? I'd been home from Spring Break exactly 2 hours.


Update: Yesterday, my next-door neighbor in Seattle had her purse very quietly filched out of the front seat of her car while she was pumping gas (she was talking on her cell phone) at the gas station I always go to. FREAKS!!! What's with all the sudden crime?

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