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Ohhhhh, yes, YES!

Just got back from Tyler's. We were watching movies, and it took us four tries. Really. I walked into town today and got some chips to go with my Mexican leftovers, which turned out to be silly because the leftovers had been taken over by some really gnarly fungus. I also rented Election, Office Space, and Mighty Aphrodite.

I went over to Tyler's, and talked with Mike in the parking lot for a bit (he was trying to mend his exploding truck). I told him what I rented, and he said he hadn't liked any of them. But then, Mike has seen every movie on earth and has a very wide frame of reference.

We (Tyler and I) popped Election in and settled down to watch it. That came to a screeching halt 45 minutes later, when Tyler and I just couldn't deal with the ugly, loveless scenes of Matthew Broderick faxing sex, or the fake moans and cries of the actresses involved. We just couldn't deal.

I mean, it's Ferris!

Popped in Office Space. Something was wrong with the tape and we got only snow.

Popped in Mighty Aphrodite. Neither of us cared about the plot, I could barely understand what the actors were saying, except for Mira Sorvino, whose voice pierced my fragile eardrums like so many sharpened Q-tips. When it got into the freaky sex again, Tyler and I switched it off. We're not prudes by any means, but we just don't enjoy watching that stuff. A sex scene done well is fine. These were hideous.

So we watched Sneakers instead, and actually made it all the way through.

Tyler shivered when he sat back down. "I feel so...dirty" he said. I knew exactly what he meant.

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