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I heart northern goshawks

So, in my conservation biology class, we have to do some major term project. You had a choice of doing a debate on a controversial wildlife topic (one of eight topics provided), a GIS project (which I couldn't do, since I haven't taken GIS primer yet), or a CCA (Candidate Conservation Agreement) paper on one of a list of species of concern. We drew for it. At best, you could pick the project you liked on a species you liked. At worst, you'd be stuck doing a debate, arguing for a point you didn't agree with. I picked #1. I picked the CCA paper on the northern goshawk.

Then in my wildlife class, we have to write a big term paper on the population ecology of a species of our choice. I asked Brian if I could do the northern goshawk. He said that was fine.

THEN, in ornithology a few weeks ago. Kevin springs a term paper on us. I want to do mine on corvid intelligence, but I can't find anything on the subject. So last week, I approach him with trepidation and ask if I can write about the ecology of the...northern goshawk. He says that would be fine.

I think this will be the only time in my life that I can get away with writing a paper on the exact same topic for three entirely unrelated classes.

On an unrelated note, I heard a really good remix of Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" at the drag show a few months ago, and I've been trying to download it, but it turns out that there's about 10 kabillion remix versions of this stupid song. And I'm listening to Ack.

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