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A week ago, I think somebody got a ticket because of me.

I was riding my bike to school, and on the way to class at about 8:00 am, I had to go into the SUB for some reason (oh...I was buying tickets to the Indigo Girls concert here on campus this Sunday). I turned at the stoplight and rode past a police car that was parked facing me. After I rode by, he turned his car around and parked on the other side of the street, pointed towards where I was riding. I suppose he was watching for people breaking minor traffic laws.

When I got to the bookstore, I got off my bike to walk it across the pedestrian crosswalk. One oncoming car stopped for me to let me go. The oncoming car from the other direction was already really close to the crosswalk, and he started to brake, but he was so close that he couldn't have stopped in time to let me go in front of him. But he smiled apologetically and waved as he went by, and I crossed behind him.

Cop turns on his lights and zooms after the guy.

I felt really bad. I know he should have stopped for me, but I would much rather he coast by rather than slam on the brakes and screech to an unnecessary halt. I don't walk in front of cars at crosswalks because I'm not willing to assume that they'll see me in time. I wait at the curb, and cross when somebody stops for me (AND I hurry, AND I wave to that driver). Unless the traffic is really heavy and there's a very low chance of an opening, I don't even like cars to stop for me anyway. It wastes their momentum and they have to expend more gas to get moving again.

I locked up my bike as fast as I could and ran over to where the officer had pulled the driver over and was chewing him out. I caught my breath and explained to the officer what had happened, and begged him not to ticket the man. I felt especially strongly about it because the man had smiled in apology and waved as he went through, which I really appreciated. Most people don't even acknowledge crosswalkers.

The officer paused for a minute. Then smiled at me and thanked me. I left, and he kept talking to the guy (warning him, I suppose), but I really, really hope he didn't ticket the guy.

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