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The Ant.

There is an Ant in the bathroom.

It is the single stall bathroom at the end of the hall. Four out of five times, when I use this bathroom, there is the Ant. It is an exceptionally tiny Ant, only a couple of millimeters in length.

Here is what I know about the Ant.

One: It is a Lonely Ant. I have only ever seen one Ant at a time, and so I am assuming it is the same Ant.

Two: It is a Lost Ant. It never seems to be going anywhere in particular, except in squiggly lines.

Three: It is NOT a Hungry Ant, since there's virtually nothing down on that tiled floor that a little Ant could live on.

Four: It is an Immortal Ant. I say this because I have been seeing this Ant in the stall for at least a month and a half, and I know that a single Ant used to occupy the same stall last year. Also because that stall gets a lot of traffic and the Ant has not been stepped on, nor has it been killed by the disinfectants that Steve the Janitor swills over the floor every day.

I am impressed by this Ant for some reason. It is Omnipotent. It is Omnipresent. It is Omniescent.

It needs a name. Please reply with your suggestions.


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