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Things I did today, so far:

*Got up at 7:00.
*Paid electric bill
*Paid phone bill
*Got self somewhat together
*Went to post office to mail said bills, plus letter to Katie, plus package to Blue, plus package to my Aunt Jodi.
*Went to the jewellers to see if they could fix the tail of my poor dragon on my necklace (caught on the carpet and straightened, and it's pewter, which is brittle). They were closed.
*Went to Pullman to talk to the photographers about Wednesday's upcoming photo session. Felt snubbed because I can't be expected to afford thousands of dollars worth of pictures.
*Went to the jewellers again. Was told they can't fix, but maybe Gem State Crystals can.
*Went to Gem State. Closed on Mondays.
*Went to Hyperspud and priced Thermarests and Crazy Creek chairs.
*Went to Goodwill. Nothing cool.
*Went to the library. Got two kids' books because I wanted to reread them, plus Valley of Horses.
*Returned to apartment. Lunched (last of bean stew, some bread and brie).
*Have since been working on huge sustainability project.

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