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Ren Faire was this weekend, and lovely.

Tyler and Dana and I all got dressed up (and please allow me to say that Tyler is very, very, very attractive in a kilt) and headed over. I only live a block away from the park, which is awfully convienient. It rained the whole time, but we had fun anyway.

Ran into a lot of people I knew...Chuck (my landlord) and his lady friend, Kevin (my ornithology professor) and his lady friend, Lisette (advisor and professor), Penny (professor and boss this summer), Chris and Chris, Steph and boyfriend, Rhiannon and Adair, Kit, Steve Brunsfeld (professor-to-be), David (professor), Doc and Carrie, their two daughters, their husbands, and two kids, etc. It was very cool.

Bought two more consellation plates to add to my collection. Also, Tyler bought me my BIRTHDAY present, since I turn 21 on FRIDAY. It's a medium-sized cedar box with an inlaid gypsumy top, carved in the likeness of a sleeping dragon. :) :) :)

And he also picked me a dandelion bouquet. >further happiness

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