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Reasons for happy:
*Tyler and I finished our slide show for Environmental Sustainability and presented it yesterday, so that class is pretty much done.

*Tyler and I both presented our final CCA topic yesterday in Lisette's class, which was really stressful. Both our professors were there, plus some guy in charge of fire exclusion in the state, plus both owners of Soulen ranch, plus a representative from the BLM (Bureau of Land Managment), plus the ex-director of Idaho Fish and Game. O_o Thankfully (and surprisingly), we did great. Because of this, I probably won't have to take the class final.

*I didn't do as well on the wildlife paper as I thought, but it doesn't matter, I guess, since I now have the highest grade in the class.

*Got a 98% on my ornithology lab final, which means I probably won't have to take the class final.

Reasons for sad
This weekend, I have to go to Coeur d'Alene to do my open water dive test again. If I don't pass this one little part of the test, I don't get certified and I don't get do dive in Australia. Because I have to be in Coeur d'Alene, I can't go home that weekend. I will have one final next week...Wildlife...but it's on Wednesday, exactly the middle of the week. My summer job starts the Saturday after. I can't go home beforehand because I'll need to study, and I can't go home after because I'd only have about a day there, and I need to stay here and move out of my apartment into Doc's house and pack for the summer.

So I have all that to deal with, plus my major anxiety about the Open Water dive, plus my mom's huge guilt trip and lecture on the phone about how because of the dive, she won't get to see me before the summer, and because of Australia she won't get to see me much before school (which is not true...if I wasn't going to Australia I'd have to work until school started), and how I wouldn't be diving if it wasn't for Tyler, and how it's not fair that Tyler's family gets to see me all summer (I'll work in New Mexico) and she won't. Plus, she said "so what if you don't pass the dive test? You can snorkel."

Well thanks, mom. Here's some problems with that.
1. Snorkling in the Great Barrier Reef is NOT the same as diving.
2. It would have been a huge waste of money for nothing.
3. It would have been a huge waste of time for nothing, not the least that I would have missed a chance to come home.
4. I would have poured everything I could into trying to do something and failed at it TWICE.
5. Some faith or encouragment would have been great.

I'm also upset because I emailed Brian and very politely asked him if I could take the final two days early with the kids who have conflicts, and he said no. I emailed him back and very politely explained everything, and stuck my neck out pretty far to tell him what's going on and essentially begged him to let me take it early, and he got terse and said no again. Great. So not only did I get nowhere, but I came off very unprofessional in the process. What a waste.

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