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Birthday highlights:

It's been rather a good day. :)

*Tyler gave me a surprise second birthday present. :) :) :)
*Got a scuba referral from Dan, so I can get certified by someone else, at some other time, before Australia.
*Drove home to Seattle. Saw 10 police cars on the way, 4 unmarked. Did not get stopped.
*Saw a SWEET yellow-headed blackbird (Aves, passeriformes, icteridae) just past Ellensburg. I've never seen one before.
*Dropped Tyler off at sister's apartment, greeted Tim, the rarely-seen older brother.
*Got home, greeted family, greeted trees. The whole yard is in bloom, including my dogwood. >happy sigh< I need to climb trees tomorrow.
*Went out to dinner for THAI FOOD at the Royal Palm in Roosevelt, with my parents, brother, and Nana Dixie. Delicious. Much curry was had. Brother and I teamed up to make mother and grandmother laugh hard enough to induce aneurysm.
*Took Jason to Third Place Books. Mom said she'd pay for each of us to have one book. So of course, I picked out one (Jean Auel's The Mammoth Hunters, since shaylith and soddcutter ever-so-sweetly bought me Valley of Horses for my birthday), and Jason picked out one (The Princess Bride...Jason is turning out to be very, very cool indeed). Then I bought Jason another book with my own money (Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, and bought myself Frank Herbert's Dune (haven't read), Augustine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince (used, old translation because I don't like the new one), Bambi (which I've wanted to read and compare to the movie), Shibumi and the Kitemaker (happy children's book), and Barbara Kingsolver's Small Wonder (which I've been waiting to come out in paperback before I read).

I am SO uselessly weak in bookstores! Still, I had not made many literary purchases in some time, and I felt like treating myself. Good summer reading material as well.

*Came home. Lit cake afire (crazy cake with rainbow-chip frosting), blew out candles.
*Ate cake with brother while watching Fellowship of the Ring appendicies. Good stuff.

Happy birthday to me!

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