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Road Trip, day 1

Early early morning.

I didn't sleep well last night because of worrying about the thing. The evening was fun, though. I went over to Tyler's, and Tyler and Mike and I watched Mystery, Alaska and their senior video. I took the video back to the house with me afterwards and saved some screenshots of Tyler (the best one is him with his hair down, black clothes, sunglasses, playing bongos in the talent show (Topper Revue). I'll post it here if he ever lets me (no).

I also watched Clay, Sarah Jane, Emily, Brandon, and Ken playing Scattergories. College students playing Scattergories is scary. Like the letter "P" for "things you find in the ocean". Ken said "piss" and got full credit.


Jane is cynical, intelligent, and talented (she is a budding artist). Like any good artist, Jane constantly explores the passionate and emotional side of the world. She believes paint-by-number kits are inherently evil.

Anyway, got up well before dawn and packed my stuff and finished the thing. Tyler showed up at about 7:30 and we threw my stuff in his car, threw me in the car, and we were off, headed for Flagstaff.

We took the road north out of town, then turned east at Coeur d' Alene and looped down through Montana. About 2 hours into the drive, Tyler's heater broke, and believe me, a broken heater in the middle of cold, snowing, open country is no joke. It is cold. The drive took the better part of the day, and by the time we reached Idaho Falls, both of us were freezing cold and shivering like mad. We arrived at his grandparent's house around 5:30. They weren't home yet, so Tyler beelined into the bathroom for a hot bath, and I changed my clothes and curled up on The Couch with a book (Cold Mountain, ironically), trying to warm up a little.

Shortly afterwards, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Rod showed up with Uncle Jimmy, and I hung out with them for a bit and told them about the trip so far while Tyler finished his bath. When he got out, he and Jimmy (full name: Jim Morrison, which he signs on the saddles he makes), went out to take a look at the car and got the heater to work again. Grandma Jean attempted to make me wear slippers, which was short lived. It was at about this point that I realized I had warmed up enough to have color returning to my feet--except for two toes on the left and one on the right. White. I headed for the bathroom, where a hot foot soaking and massage got the color back in a few minutes.

Grandma Jean then sat the two of us down at the table and fed us chips and salsa while she made us some really fantastic scrambled eggs. Jimmy went home and Grandpa Rod smoked and played with the cat, Abby. Then he went to watch Wheel of Fortune while the rest of us talked. Tyler sat on The Couch, I draped myself over his legs, and Grandma Jean covered us with warm afghans and made us hot cocoa and sliced up some unbelievably decadent chocolate cake. Pampering by a Grandma is second to nothing.

She eventually changed into her leopard-print jammies and went to bed. I took a warm shower, and Tyler and I headed for the guest bedroom and a well-needed sleep.


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