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Guess what book I bought?!

Hello, all. Hope things are going well.

I'm hanging out in Los Alamos for a bit of a break. Tyler and Dee and I had a nice broccoli-and-strata dinner last night, Dee and I went to a night concert together and had ice cream whilst Tyler hung out with Mike, and I had a great bath and a long lie-in this morning (to 8:45 am, shockingly). And THEN, it being the 21st of June (and a blessed Solstice to you all), I had a pleasant trip to the local bookstore, for a long-awaited literature treat. That's right, everyone, I'm now the proud owner of...

...Orson Scott Card's Shadow Puppets, third in the series after Ender's Shadow! YES! FINALLY!!!

I also had a pleasant walk back in the sunlight, and tonight may go to see Finding Nemo. I also finished Frank Herbert's Dune, and am itching to rent the movies. Both of them.

Silly people, I ordered Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix several months ago. It's probably at Doc's house right now, awaiting my arrival in late August.

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