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Road Trip, day 4

The last day of the journey. Tyler knocked on the door this morning, ever so slightly, and we folded up our bedding, packed, and made breakfast. I shared a toaster from a guy from Bath. Checked out of the hostel. I was kind of sad to go.

It had started snowing the night before, and Flagstaff was covered in white. I feel like some sort of snow-bearer, elements following me wherever I go.

We had an appointment with an advisor in the forestry building (it's incredibly beautiful) at 9:00, to talk about the different majors and how our current transcripts would mesh with the Northern Arizona University curriculum. Yes, we're thinking about transferring. For those of you that are reading this (especially Dana, who has links to Idaho), please don't tell anyone. It's not a certain thing and neither of us are up to fielding questions from professors or friends or deans.

The interview went really well, and we had a student to tour us around the building (the east side--west end belongs to the USGS). I was already a little familiar with it, since I wandered around before the appointment while Tyler was scoping out a dorm or two.


i get kicked out of a lot of places. i don't have many friends. i always wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare. i'm on fire.

take the stupidest online quiz ever, by radish

(barefooting does get me kicked out of places now and then)</center></center>

After that, we hightailed it to the North Union building (first making a mistaken stop at the Student Union) for a full campus tour. It took about 2 hours, and covered 3 miles. Obviously, it's a much bigger campus than UI. We had a look inside some of the academic buildings, the rec center, the SUB, a dorm, and the stadium. NAU has a thriving Greek system, but apparently every chapter is located within ONE large building, waaay, off to the side. Perfect, I say.

We also learned that the scene in Forrest Gump, where he's running across a bridge and is being interviewed by a ton of newscasters, was filmed in Flagstaff.

After the tour, the show was pretty much over. Tyler had an 8 hour drive to Los Alamos ahead of him, so he needed to get on the road. He dropped me off at the airport and we said our goodbyes, and there I was, at the tiny Flagstaff airport with nothing to do for 5 hours. And nothing to eat either, and poor me with only the breakfast toast.

I was just settling in for a long obnoxious wait when I realized that the only place any Flagstaff plane was going was Phoenix, which was where I was headed in five hours. I had a talk with the front desk, to see if I could get an earlier flight to Phoenix, and maybe an earlier connecting flight to Seattle (if not, at least I could get food in Phoenix). Luckily, it worked. I got to Phoenix after about 2 hours, and was put on standby for a full Seattle flight.

(I will now be pissed for one paragraph)

Oh and by the way, I despise power trips. I understand the requirements for added security in the airports now, and I respect that entirely, but that is no excuse for being rude and pushy to the passengers, especially when it's about 6 security personnel to 13 passengers. You people were so full of yourselves you could hardly stand it. And when I was randomly selected to have my bags fully searched, you took away my favorite pair of sewing shears and gave me a lecture about it. I was flying standby. If I had been able to check my backpack, I wouldn't have had them with me. How dare you give me a speech about knowing better, and then give me an address so I can write to someone and get them back, after paying a mandatory $5.00 fee, minimum? Those scissors would cost $2 to mail, TOPS. And I couldn't say a thing about it, for fear I'd be detained and searched.

(back to our regularly scheduled journal)

Got off in Phoenix and walked the entire length of the thing to get to my gate, which turned out to be almost 2/3 of the runway (I avoid moving sidewalks--need the exercise). After a burrito, frozen yogurt, and a tussle with the ticket agents, I got a lucky canceled seat on a 5:14 flight to Seattle--two minutes after my original flight was scheduled to leave Flagstaff. For the first time in my life, the airlines give something back.

Almost died of thirst on the airplane, but oh well. Finished my book (Traveler's Tales: A Woman's World, given to me by my uncle Matt for Christmas 2 years ago). It felt wonderful to be back in the cool, rainy Seattle air again (2 Phoenix guys behind me were complaining about the cold, oh yeah!).

Walked barefoot around the parking garage, enjoying the cool night, until I could get a shuttle to the north end. Spent a lively 45 minutes talking to the driver about bare feet, and individuality, and society, and all the problems with the world.

Walked in the door, and I was home.



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