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I just got back from helping at the Sustainable Farm, and I was told that my parents had called and left a message with Carrie. So I called them, my Dad answers, and he is furious with me. He and Mom have been trying to call for hours, and my phone (cell, the only phone I have, and which I keep in the house) hasn't even been ringing. He accuses me of purposely blocking him and Mom from calling my phone, which I tearfully deny, and which he refuses to believe. My dad hasn't yelled at me in years (and when he gets angry, he really gets angry), and I wasn't the least bit prepared for it.

Then my mom gets on the phone and yells at me some more. When she's done, and try to explain that I hadn't done anything that I knew of, she tapers off. I'm sobbing. Then she asks me how my classes are, and I really can't respond, so she huffily tells me that I'm not very satisfying to talk to because I'm crying, so I should call her tomorow. And fix my phone in the meantime, and test it with another phone to make sure it works.

It just turns out that all I'd done was turn the phone off before I left for the day. Clearly an unforgivable sin.

I feel like complete shit.

EDIT: I have awfully supportive friends. :)

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