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Well, finally.

My entries have been rather sparse of late because I hadn't gotten my computer set up for internet yet; I was only able to post at school. The monopoly Verizon has over Moscow is so strangling that Doc and Carrie terminated their land line a few years ago and now use only cell phones in the house, which means they get wireless internet.

They have a receiver on the side of the house, which takes the signal and wires it down to a little 3Com gateway box in the office, into which the computer is plugged. However, Tyler's computer and my computer live upstairs, so Iinstalled little wireless receivers on our computers, and plugged in an access point to the gateway to transmit the signal.

It didn't work, so we tried replacing the gateway and the access point with one router, and that didn't work either. The last three weeks have been a huge frustrating mess of CAT 5 cables and frustration and tech support. It's SUCKED.

We finally had someone from the ISP (a teensy local operation) come out to the house yesterday (shameful, but worth it). He had to reconfigure the gateway to serve multiple users with dynamic IP's, which was something I not only didn't know how to do, but wouldn't have done anyway for fear of ruining Doc and Carrie's connection.

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My computer is also closer to the main antennae (I can see it from the window as I type this) than the house's receiver, so my connection was freaking out because it was getting the antenna transmission before the gateway transmission downstairs.

Lacking a lead wall, I put some full waterbottles behind my CPU and that took care of that problem quite nicely.

So I finally have internet (and a lot of email to go through), and almost everything is going very well. My relief at this mess being over is immense.

I'd punish the dog, but I think she's already gotten what she deserved.

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