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Busy week ahead of me.

Tomorrow I have to meet with Marta, an Italian grad student, to plan for the presentation we'll be giving in the Population Ecology lab on Thursday on last week's lab (the presentation schedule was just given at that lab, so we only have one week to prepare and it was an unpleasant surprise). I will also have my first mammalogy lab quiz, which basically requires me to know almost every bone, process, or fossa in the mammalian body. The skull is tough. I'm lucky to have that bear skull (the one I found in Chamberlain during my Taylor Ranch internship) to practice with.

Tuesday will be oddly peaceful.

Wednesday will be my first anatomy lab quiz, also on the bones of the mammalian body. This is one of the reasons I wanted to take Mammalogy and Anatomy/Physiology in the same semester. Score.

Thursday, my Population Ecology lab is due, and I'll have to present it in front of the class. I also have my first Honors history quiz, and will have to submit a bibliography for the sources of our upcoming library project (the big semester project, actually, which is laughably easy from a senior's perspective...more on that later).

On Friday, my GIS assignment is due. Luckily, this one seems much more straightforward than last week's frustrating unclear mess, although I have great respect for my professor, who basically stood there on Friday and took our abuse for a good 30 minutes about it after he's apologized several times ("So, are you guys done kicking me yet?" "What's your phone number?"). I think I will like him. Especially when he demonstrated our next mapmaking lab (the compass rose was shockingly pink, and the title was bold, italic and underlined with great vigor).

So, I'm taking a break from skeletons and am off to do some historical reading before bed (which will involve at least two cookies).

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