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...oh yeah.

-_- With as much time as I spend on the internet, I should have known what to expect after doing a search for my history library project on Egyptian Jewelry.

"We offer a fine collection of Egyptian jewelry, including the Egyptian cartouche with your name in hieroglyphics and other unique Egyptian imports! Free shipping! 18K & Silver Cartouches, Egyptian Jewelry, & Gifts (World) Personalized Hieroglyphic Cartouche Egyptian Jewelry, Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Neck Chains. SHOP@EGYPT! Egypt7000 brings you fine custom jewelry and more with a great sale and free papyrus paper. A twenty dollar value with every Cartouche purchase. Limit one per order. Explore true Egyptian treasures online. Egyptian Gift Shop offers unique Egyptian jewelry, cartouches, papyrus and other collectibles that capture the beauty and history of Egypt.

I guess I forgot.

EDIT: (ten minutes later)
Finding any sites about ancient Egyptian jewelry that don't SELL ancient Egyptian jewelry is really hard. I haven't found one yet.

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