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Why Nomenclature is Hard, Lesson 1

Observe this representation of genuses.

a. Macrotis, the Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot, a marsupial.
b. Microtus, shrews, very small rodent-like things (but not rodents, I don't think).
c. Macrotus, a group of bats, microchiropterans

I rest my case.

EDIT: Please let me adjust this entry in accordance with today's holiday.
YARR, me hearties! Cast yer eyes on this collection of these like-named lubber beasties!

Italics are for snivelling science-wenches! Walk the plank, leany-writin!
a. Macrotis</i>, the Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot, NOT a sea-goin' beast!
b. Microtus</i>, shrews, like tiny bilge-rats they are!
c. Macrotus</i>, a group of bats, flyin' bilge-rats!

Avast! Grog all around!

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