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Amusing side note

The Christian fundies were back AGAIN yesterday, for the 3rd time. They were really pissed this time, because they'd only converted 2 people on campus in 3 days, and that's our fault. So they degenerated into yelling random insults at passers-by. Loudmouth women were one of their targets this time, probably because all the women that listened to them weren't humbly agreeing with them on the spot. I wonder if loudmouth men are okay?

They also talked about hating "pot-smoking tree huggers." HOWEVER, one of those guys said on Tuesday that he likes tree-huggers "a little bit." Which makes him...a HYPOCRITE.

(They love accusing everyone of being hypocrites).

Anyway, I had just given blood and had a big bandage on my arm. One of the guys saw it, and I wondered if he was going to use it as a segue into talking about the blood of Jesus, when I had a thought.

Knowing how much blood is in a human body, and knowing that I've donated to the Red Cross over 5 times, the INBC 2 times, and many times at Puget Sound...

...I've actually shed more blood, ounce for ounce, than Jesus. ^_^

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